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Louis Tomlinson In Our Living Room?! Yes, Please!

Louis Tomlinson In Our Living Room?! Yes, Please!

The power of Louis Tomlinson fans is unmatched to any other. They are passionate and caring and always seem to come together in times of need.

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This week, fans are coming together to create an at-home concert experience called Louis At Home. The event was organized on Twitter by @LouiesForLouis, @LouisT91FR, @DailyLouisFR, and @LouisTeamFrance, and it will take place on May 16th at 8 PM BST. The concert will feature Louis’ entire setlist (WHOOP WHOOP), live videos, and Only The Poets.

This has us beyond excited for this event because we’ve been missing Louis and seeing him perform live! Make sure you check the list below to find the correct concert time for your area!

Full List Of Concert Times:

Sydney: 5 AM on May 17th
Tokyo: 4 AM on May 17th
Manila: 3 AM on May 17th
Singapore: 3 AM on May 17th
Mumbai: 12:30 AM on May 17th
Istanbul: 10 PM
Paris: 9 PM
Cape Town: 9 PM
London: 8 PM
Dublin: 8 PM
Rio De Janeiro: 4 PM
Buenos Aires: 4 PM
Montevideo: 4 PM
New York: 3 PM
Motreal: 3 PM
Asuncion: 3 PM
Indianapolis: 3 PM
La Paz: 3 PM
Santiago: 3 PM
Bogota: 2 PM
Lima: 2 PM
Mexico City: 2 PM
Chicago: 2 PM
Guatemala City: 1 PM
Los Angeles: 12 PM
Vancouver: 12 PM

Just imagine how amazing this is going to be! An entire world of Louies experiencing Louis live- together. We are already impatiently waiting to experience the fans coming together as one for just one night! If you want to get your ticket (FREE of course,) all you have to do is visit this website!

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What do you think of Louis At Home? Are you excited to experience Louis Tomlinson Live with us? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop! You can also hit us up on Facebook or Instagram!

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