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NCT 127 Have Dropped The Details For Their Album Repackage: Here’s What You Need To Know.

NCT 127 Have Dropped The Details For Their Album Repackage: Here’s What You Need To Know.

It’s never a dull moment for NCTzens, is it? NCT 127 is already back in action with the repackage of their album NCT #127: Neo Zone. NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round will be available digitally on May 19, and fans can pre-order the physical copies right now! There are two versions of the repackaged album, each with different content for fans, and will be available in the US on June 12. The official comeback countdown was posted onto the group’s Twitter, so fans can get excited for the teasers and concept photos set to be dropped leading up to the repackage release. 

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Being only their 2nd full-length album, NCT #127: Neo Zone debuted at No.5 on the Billboard 200 on its release date (March 6), eventually earning the No.1 spot on the Billboard’s Top Album chart and No.2 on Billboard’s Artist 100 chart.

Here’s What To Expect In NCITY

The repackage will include four new songs, with the lead track for this comeback being ‘Punch’. Many of the members have already given fans some spoilers on what to expect, saying in recent livestreams that this title track has a different “charm” and “vibe” than ‘Kick It,’ the lead single for the first release of NCT #127: Neo Zone. One of the group’s members, Yuta, let fans know in a recent Instagram live, to expect a dance break and that he dances for the entire song, which led him to realize the intensity of the ‘Punch’ choreography. 

Until the repackage drops, NCTzens do have a few things they can look forward to leading up to comeback day. One of these is the release of iScream Vol. 1: ‘Kick It’ Remixes, which comes to us off the success of ‘Kick It.’ These mixes will be different perspectives of the single and will include renditions from DJs such as Valentino Khan, MINIMONSTER, and Hitchhiker. This collection will be dropping this Friday, May 8!

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While their tour plans for 2020 are being reevaluated given the global pandemic, fans can still watch NCT 127 during their Beyond LIVE concert, happening on May 16, 11PM PST. 

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Are you excited for the album repackage? Will you be watching their Beyond LIVE concert? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop.

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