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WIN: A £75 voucher to Spend at TruffleShuffle on Your Quarantine Wishlist!

WIN: A £75 voucher to Spend at TruffleShuffle on Your Quarantine Wishlist!

Truffle Shuffle

As days turn into weeks which into months it’s hard to stay positive and keep going. Concerts are being canceled, we’re not able to meet up with friends and we don’t know when we can resume life like before. But, it doesn’t have to be all terrible. For example, you can make quarantine a little brighter with novelty home comforts. And TruffleShuffle has exactly that!

TruffleShuffle is an independent online store that sells the cutest licensed pop culture merch around. From Disney to Harry Potter, and all that’s in between, there’s something for everyone.

We at The Honey POP are so obsessed with this little gem of a site that we came up with our own Truffle Shuffle inspired quarantine wish list.

Truffle Shuffle I Want It I Got It Ariana Grande 7 Rings
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100 Movies Bucket List Scratch Poster

Binge-watching is a massive part of quarantine culture and so what better way to inspire your watch list than this poster? With an eclectic selection of movies to choose from, make movie marathon choices a lot easier and make it a mission to scratch off as many as possible and reveal artwork inspired by the movie posters under each box. Plus, it makes for a great bit of artwork to hang up once you’re done!

Available for £12.99

Friends Monopoly Game Set

No one told us life was gonna be this way, but Friends will always be there for you! If you’re isolating with family or friends, then this game is sure to keep you entertained. Putting a twist on the classic game with a classic sitcom, what’s not to love?

Available for £29.99

Marvel Spider-Man Sheet Face Mask

It’s fair to say things are quite stressful at the moment. Between working from home and trying to shop while dodging everyone, it’s not easy. So make sure you treat yourself to some TLC and get a sheet mask. Plus, what’s cuter than a character face mask such as this coconut-infused Spiderman one?

Available for £3.99

Disney Pixar Trivia Quiz

Attention Disnerds! Put your knowledge to the test with this Disney Pixar trivia quiz. Flex your knowledge on game night with 100 questions based on your favorite Pixar films or learn things you never knew about the iconic movies that will urge you to watch them again.

Available for £4.99

Women’s Harry Potter Don’t Let The Muggles Get You Down Pyjamas

Truffle Shuffle Harry Potter Muggle PJs

Since we’re all using working from home as an excuse to wear pajamas all day, now is the perfect time to treat yo’ self to a nice new pair. After all, you need to be comfortable working in these unusual situations, right? Let the muggles of your household know that even if you’re reaching your limit of how much you can put up with them, they aren’t gonna get you down!

Available for £15.99

NASA 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Truffle Shuffle NASA Puzzle

We won’t lie, we’re absolutely here for people doing puzzles again. There’s something quite theraputic about them. And this NASA puzzle is truly out of this world (pun intended, we’re sorry). Admire the beauty of the world without leaving the house by spending some time on this beautiful photo of the Earth from outter space.

Available for £12.99

The Star Wars Cookbook: Han Sandwiches and Other Galactic Snacks

Star Wars Cookbook Han Sandwiches Truffle Shuffle

Finding yourself experimenting in the kitchen more? Those Pinterest recipes are so last decade. Liven up your meals with these Star Wars recipes which are really from another galaxy. With over 30 recipes to try, you can make y own Hyperspace energy sandwiches, scruffy-looking nerf-burgers, Corellia polenta stacks, and much more. Plus, check out the Chewbacca and Millennium Falcon sandwich cutters – so cute!

Available for £19.99

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PlayStation Controller Stress Ball

Truffle Shuffle Playstation Stress Ball

Whether a Zoom meeting didn’t go to plan or you’re stuck on the same level of a video game that you just can’t seem to beat, take your frustration out on this awesome stress ball that looks just like a Playstation controller! Plus, you could probably fool a few people on your social media by pretending you have super strength.

Available for £5.99

Disney Mulan Mushu Shaped Mug

Truffle Shuffle Mushu Mug

Brighten up your at-home workspace with this adorable mug in the shape of one of Disney’s most iconic sidekicks, Mushu! You have to admit, novelty mugs always make things better.

Available for £13.99

Found yourself writing your own wishlist? Then we’ve gotchu! We’ve teamed up with TruffleShuffle to give one of you lucky lot a £75 voucher to spend on the website!

This giveaway has now ended

Truffle Shuffle
Image Source: GIPHY

What are you loving from Truffle Shuffle? What would you buy with the voucher? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

To Learn More About Truffle Shuffle:

Featured Image Source: Truffle Shuffle, edited by Bilge Zeynep

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