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Corey Harper Captures Some Emotional Range And Maybe Our Hearts Too

Corey Harper Captures Some Emotional Range And Maybe Our Hearts Too

Corey Harper is an American musician. He’s been around touring with some big names like Nail Horan and Julia Michaels. With a conviction and dedication to sound discovery Harper is sure to win us with this one. New single and new EP, have you heard the news?

Overcast EP

The EP is a six-song wonder coming to us in June 2020. Being described as a trip back to his roots, we can expect some serious emotional exploration. On the album, Harper plays nearly every instrument himself a feat we’re all blown away by. The titled Overcast due to weather and time growing up in Portland Oregon. This EP is sure to turn heads. We can already get a taste of what we’re in for:

1. Overcast
2. Entertainment
3. Fade to Black
4. Crave
5. Pinball
6. 25


This new EP sounds like it comes from a place of honesty. We are positive that it will be your favorite so far. The song ‘Entertainment’ seems to paint a picture of a person falling apart one too many times. The accompanying visualizer helps solidify the assumption. The tone is mellow, like living your life half aware and half there as Corey’s voice walks us through our feelings. This song captures the essence of falling and bitterness. Maybe even some tones of confusion. We all struggle with who we are and what we might be.
We hope to hear some happiness in the world of Corey Harper on the EP but for now, we’ll enjoy getting acquainted with our pain.

"i’m falling apart and it’s painless 
i dance with the dark and i hate it 
so sick of the entertainment"

Did you like the song? Maybe excited for that EP? Come one don’t keep all the secrets to yourself! Let us know either in the comments below or @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter

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To learn more about Corey Harper:

Featured Image: courtesy of Take Shelter Productions

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