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The Force Is With You, Thanks To Star Wars On Disney+

The Force Is With You, Thanks To Star Wars On Disney+

Due to quarantine, we unfortunately missed out on what would have been a phenomenal May the Fourth celebration at the Disney parks. Imagine, celebrating May the Fourth at Galaxy’s Edge for the very first time? Hello?? Luckily, Disney came through as always and gifted us with the largest Star Wars Disney+ content release since the service’s November launch. So yeah, maybe we’re not eating Star Wars themed food on Batuu right now, but at least we have all of this new content!

If you wanna feel some emotions, watch this.

The Force is strong with these releases, we can feel it. Here’s a quick list of everything included in the May the Fourth drop!

The Complete Skywalker Saga

The Skywalker Saga, began in 1977 with A New Hope. It came to a stunning conclusion in 2019 with the long anticipated film The Rise of Skywalker. Regardless of people’s personal opinions about the movie, it was an emotional close to a saga that spanned decades. It meant so much to so many people and witnessing the end of something this spectacular was powerful. The Force truly is with us all now.

With the addition of The Rise of Skywalker to Disney+, you can now binge the complete saga from the comfort of your couch. Relive all your favorite moments and enjoy the wonder and excitement of the Star Wars Universe. We may or may not have spent the entirety of May the Fourth doing just that. We’ll never tell.

Image Source: Disney

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Series Finale

If you’re an OG Clone Wars fan, you probably knew about this before you even clicked on this article. Kudos to you! If you have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s a quick summary.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars had a six-season run on Netflix, ending abruptly. Rumors started swirling about a Disney streaming service that would pick up the series where it left off and it did. The seventh season aired week by week, culminating in the season finale which aired on May the Fourth as part of the Star Wars Disney+ drop.

One of the most anticipated inclusions in the Star Wars Disney+ drop!
Image Source: Disney

The animated series followed Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, and many more of your fave characters’ stories. It provided some background and a glimpse into what we didn’t see in the prequel films. It lets you connect more with the characters, which sets up the ending of the prequel trilogy in a meaningful way. We’d argue that it’s one of the most anticipated parts of the content drop! If you’ve never seen the show, now is the perfect time to binge!

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian was another exciting Star Wars Disney+ release when the service first launched. It’s the first ever live-action Star Wars television show. It does an amazing job of bringing the big screen Star Wars vibe to your television.

Now, with Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian, you can get an in-depth look behind the scenes. There’s a lot of behind the scenes footage from the show, as well as conversations hosted by producer Jon Favreau. The first episode focuses on the directors of each episode. The second, airing May 8th, will focus on the cast and crew.

Image Source: Disney

Well, there you have it! All of the major pieces of Star Wars media on Disney+ after the drop! We can’t wait to spend hours in the Star Wars universe, what about you?

Movies and episodes aren’t the only things we got though! Check out this fun little video that Disney posted:

Luckily, now you know all of the best Star Wars references in The Simpsons, also streaming on Disney+. You’re welcome.

In addition to all the viewable content, there was also a cool concept art takeover.

Starting May 4th, for a week each film and series’ will get an artwork update and feature the original concept art for that movie or show. Here are some examples:

Image Source: Disney

Is this not the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? We see you Star Wars nerds, we feel you. We’re all one with the Force here.

Image Source: Disney
Image Source: Disney

And there are some new additions to the account avatars including Darth Maul, Jabba the Hutt, and a Porg!

See Also

Image Source: Disney

Star Wars has become such a huge cultural phenomenon and there’s so much to explore in that universe. From books, to movies, to shows, to comics, there’s a whole universe of content for you to indulge in. Disney+ is here to help you with some of that. Here’s a quick little reference if you want to watch the entire Star Wars Disney+ catalog (following the story timeline):

The entire Star Wars Disney+ catalog
Image Source: Disney

Phew, talk about a lot of information. But we’re buzzing with excitement because it’s Star Wars!! There’s a whole new world out there for us to explore and we don’t even have to leave our couches to do it! We’ll see all of you in approximately however long it takes to binge the entire Star Wars catalog on Disney+.

Of course, we realize that Star Wars is not the only thing Disney+ has to offer. Check out the rest of their May releases. And if you want to keep updated with Disney+, we got you covered!

So what are you going to check out first? The original trilogy? The prequels? Are you gonna finish The Clone Wars? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

To learn more about Disney+:

Featured Image Source: Images Courtesy of Disney

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