The New ‘Lownely’ Kid Anthem: Courtesy of BENEE

The New ‘Lownely’ Kid Anthem: Courtesy of BENEE

‘Lownely’ is New Zealand indie pop star BENEE‘s newest single. It may sound a little familiar when you hear it considering it is a remake of her smash hit ‘Supalonely’ featuring Gus Dapperton. Haven’t heard it yet? Check it out right here!

‘Lownely’ isn’t too different from its original version. BENEE has given us a stripped down, raw, and other worldly version of the normally upbeat tune. The slower paced tempo creates a dreamy experience reinforced by BENEE’s soulful vocals over the soothing soundscape. Thank you, Emo Queen BENEE for giving us the new soundtrack for our existential crises.

In what seems to be a cosmic sign to bump this song on repeat in quarantine, BENEE and record producer Josh Fountain finished this song the very last day before New Zealand went into COVID-19 Lockdown. The idea to create a stripped down version of her mega hit arrived after the New Zealand artist got back to the roots of the song. When discussing the song BENEE said, “I decided that I wanted to show a different side to the song seeing as when I wrote it, I was actually at a pretty low point.”


The original version of the song is doing amazing on the charts! ‘Supalonely’ has already amassed over 400 million streams and counting as well as 18 million-plus in global consumption. With a smash hit like that, we have no doubt that BENEE is going to be one of the next big things in music. Even more iconic songs like ‘Blu‘ are making us keep an eye on BENEE! When she pops off, please remember to give us credit for calling it early. Thank you!

What’s your favorite song by BENEE? Do you prefer ‘Supalonely’ or are you just feeling ‘Lownely’ right now? Let us know in the comments or online on Twitter or Facebook at @TheHoneyPop. Make sure you tweet BENEE to show her some love on her new track as well!

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Featured Image source: BENEE music video.

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[…] Benee just keeps impressing us even more, she dropped ‘Lownely,’ a stripped-down version of her absolute hit ‘Supalonely.’ And let us just tell you, she made us fall in love with the song and her vocals even more. Her vocals are so delicate and precise, and it’s so beautiful to see what she’s done with the slowed-down version of the track. Maybe this one will end up almost as popular as the original? Whatever happens, this is our favorite version for sure since it gives us more time to appreciate Benee’s talent. […]


[…] better than new music? Not much, especially when the new music is from BENEE! She just dropped a new song and music video, and we are, to put it simply, […]

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