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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Liam Payne

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Liam Payne

We refuse to believe you haven’t heard of Liam Payne before. Not only did he audition twice for the X-Factor, but he has also been part of the biggest boyband of the 2010’s, One Direction, along with Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and formerly Zayn Malik. Add to that his solo career he started three years ago with his first single ‘Strip That Down’ featuring Quavo, a first solo record LP1 released on December 6th 2019, and a new modelling career as Hugo’s face. Is there something Liam Payne can’t do? We don’t think so. Therefore, we’re here to remind you -or give you- 5 reasons why you should stan Liam Payne.

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Liam
Image source: Charlotte Fassler & Dani Girdwood for Live Forever’s music video

1. He’s a bop-maker

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Liam
Image Source: GfyCat from Familiar’s music video

If you don’t know a Liam Payne, much to our dismay, there’s still a 99,99% chance that you’ve heard – and adored- one of his songs. This guy only has bops that you can’t forget when you’ve heard them once. If you’ve danced all summer back in 2018 to ‘Familiar‘, he was featured on it along with J Balvin. Have you ever cried over an ex listening to ‘For You‘, the original soundtrack for Fifty Shades Freed? Well, he was the one duetting with Rita Ora. You’re a Jonas Blue fan? Then you probably have lost your mind on ‘Polaroid‘, on which Liam was singing along with Lenon Stella. It certainly looks like Liam is that cool and super talented guy who’s easy to work with and ensures your song a huge success. We 100% recommend him.

2. He’s a mood-booster

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Liam
Image Source: Giphy

We’ll be honest. We couldn’t give the name of one single person being sad, upset or mad after listening to Liam Payne, or doing anything related to him, really. Through his own human being, music and videos, Liam radiates positivity and kindness. There’s not much about the man that wouldn’t make a bunch of grumpy grandmas give up on their very first idols to watch him work out at the gym or cook eggs – yes, he cooks, too – on his YouTube channel. We’ve heard that watching him smile is as good as taking Vitamin C (but we forgot the name of the doctor. Don’t blame us.) Anyway, for a cure of that, head to this YouTube channel and watch his last two quarantine vlogs on which he preciously reacts to Twitter threads, TikToks and much more. You do want to see that. Just trust us.

3. He shares a lot with his fans

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Liam
Image source: LIAM PAYNE ♥ on Tumblr

We’re sure you’re aware of how present Liam is on his socials. The way he interacts with his fans to acknowledge their support is one of the cutest things ever -right? In addition to his activity on Twitter (which mainly consists in him thanking his Liam Nation for their hard promoting job and positive vibes), he also goes live on Instagram every now and then, sometimes with Alesso since their collaboration on his brand new single Midnight, sometimes with other surprise guests such as his former bandmate Niall Horan. After ten minutes trying to get his attention in the comments to signal him he was watching him, Liam finally joined Niall’s live. Full of funny anecdotes, sweet memories, laughter and smiles. That’s what we like, that’s what we like.

4. He’s an actual source of inspiration

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Liam
Image Source: Gifer

Fourth of the 5 reasons why you should stan Liam. For those who haven’t been following Liam for too long, you may not have heard of his childhood and the issues he encountered back then. After spending most of his first four years at the hospital to get taken care of for a kidney failure, he grew up facing bullying at school. In an interview for a french TV show in December 2019, Liam admitted that he didn’t have any special advice other than speaking up. Overall, he proved all of his bullies wrong, started working out and took part in tons of athletism competitions. Now he’s a model for Hugo Boss. The revenge, please. The success he built firstly in the band and then in his solo career is just the best example of achievement that one can need at their lowest times.

5. He’s a kind soul

Liam Payne gets face painted for Believe in
Image Source: Tom Dymond for Corbis

We know we’ve listed a lot of qualities about Liam and you might start to think this guy has no flaws. You may be exactly right. Amongst other things, Liam is also a kind soul. While he was in the band, he and his former bandmates got involved in dozens of charities, auctions, fundraisers and balls. Maybe you remember him visiting ill children at a hospital for Christmas, or having his face painted as a tiger for £10,000 at the Cinderella Ball for Believe in Magic. Thus, he recently donated 360 000 meals for the Trussell Trust, a British charity that provides food in foodbanks for people in need, and volunteered for them to manage the stocks.

Did your heart melt already? Because ours did. <3

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Liam Payne's Photoshoot for Hugo
Image Source: Purepaynesource on Tumblr

Here were our 5 reasons why you should stan Liam Payne. What about you then? Are you a Liam stan already? When did you start supporting our boy? Let us know at @TheHoneyPop on Twitter or visit us on Facebook!


Featured image source: Austin Hargraves

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