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Everything We Know About Disney+ New Series ‘The Right Stuff’

Everything We Know About Disney+ New Series ‘The Right Stuff’

Disney+ already has more content that we can possibly watch in the next 10 years and they just keep adding to it! Premiering this fall on Disney+ is an all new National Geographic’s show titled The Right Stuff. And let us tell you, it really does have all the right stuff!

How could it not be? It’s about space for crying out loud!

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Don’t believe us? Well get ready to be proven wrong!

What Is The Right Stuff About?

Disney’s new National Geographic series The Right Stuff is an eight-episode series about Nasa’s Project Mercury which ignited a space race with the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Despite engineers estimating that space travel is several decades away, the Mercury Seven have two years to figure out how to make it happen. Together the Mercury Seven must put aside their differences and do the impossible.

In addition to following the astronauts journey, The Right Stuff also follows NASA engineers who devote their time to getting the aircraft in space. As well as, NASA’s PR department as they work with LIFE Magazine to get the publics praise and Congress’s money.

Take A Look At The Behind-The-Scenes Trailer

While National Geographic and Disney+ haven’t released an official trailer for The Right Stuff just yet, they have created this behind the scenes promo trailer. Check it out:

Meet The Mercury Seven

Major John Glen is one of two main protagonist of the series. He is a “revered test pilot” and devoted family man with “unwavering principles. He will be played by Patrick J. Adams who is best known for his role in Suits.

Lieutenant Commander Alan Shepard is our other main character. He is one of the best test pilots in the Navy’s history. He will be played by Jake McDorman who we know from What We Do in the Shadows and Lady Bird.

Lieutenant Gordon Cooper is the youngest of the Mercury Seven and is the underdog of the group. Colin O’Donoghue (Once Upon A Time) will be responsible for brining him to life.

Wally Schirra is the competitive pilot who loves to spend his free time pulling pranks. Aaron Staton (Mad Men, Narcos: Mexico) will be portraying him in the series.

Scott Carpenter is known as the “soulful man” who has been nicknamed “The Poet” by his fellow astronauts. He will be played by James Lafferty (The Haunting of Hill House, One Tree Hill).

Deke Slayton is described as being a “taciturn but incredibly intelligent pilot and engineer.” Bringing him to life on screen is Micah Stock (Brittany Runs A Marathon).

Gus Grisson is the no-nonsense test pilot who becomes the second man ever in space. Michael Trotter (Underground) will be playing him.

Meet The Wives

Annie Glenn is the childhood sweetheart and wife of John Glenn. She has a speech impairment which makes communication difficult. She will be portrayed by Nora Zehetner (Brick, Creative Control).

Trudy Cooper is an accomplished pilot on her own. She is married to Gordon Cooper though their marriage is on the rocks. Eloise Mumford (Fifty Shades of Grey) will be brining her to life.

Louise Shepard is described as being “Alan Shepard’s devoted and long-suffering wife.” Louise will be played by Shannon Lucio (Prison Break, True Blood).

Meet The Rest Of The NASA Team

Bob Gilruth is a “soft-spoken” rocket scientist who is being played by Patrick Fischler (Twin Peaks, mad Men). He is a critical member of NASA’s Space Task group.

Chris Kraft is Bob’s partner at NASA and another critical member of the Space Task grou. Eric Ladin (American Sniper) will be playing him.

John “Shorty” Powers is NASA’s PR man who is constantly taking the Mercury Seven out to get them photographed so that the public begins to support them and so that Congress will better fund the mission. Powers will be played by Danny Strong (Billions).

Loudon Wainwright Jr. is LIFE Magazine’s star reporter who gets assigned to the Mercury Seven event. He is tasked with writing the biographies of the astronauts. He will be portrayed by Josh Cooke (Grace and Frankie, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel).

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Why Is Now The Right Time For Disney+’s ‘The Right Stuff’

curtosy of National Geographic/Gene Page

We must admit we’ve always been intrigued by space travel. And there are tons of films and shows that explore the world of space which makes us wonder why Disney+ is choosing now to release this show.

Courteney Monroe, National Geographics’s president, believes that the series “could not be more timely.” She goes on to say that, “National Geographic’s The Right Stuff’ is an aspirational story about exploration, ambition, determination and resilience and reminds us that human beings can achieve the extraordinary when united by a common purpose.”

Disney+ Content and Marketing President, Ricky Strauss added that The Right Stuff is the perfect fit for Disney+ because their audience is constantly looking “to find inspiration and optimism” in their viewing options.

One of the stars James Lafferty added that it’s the perfect time for this story to be told on the big screen because it’ll help remind us “that what seems impossible today can become the triumph of tomorrow.”

When Can You Watch ‘The Right Stuff’

While no official start date has been set by Disney+ they ave promised that The Right Stuff will be premiering sometime in Fall 2020.

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It looks like we have something to finally look forward to again!

We certainly can’t wait to watch The Right Stuff when it drops on Disney+ in Fall. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

To learn more about Disney+:

Featured Image Curtosy of National Geographic/Gene Page

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