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Fresh Music Friday: Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber, Suga & IU, Demi Lovato ft Travis Barker, and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber, Suga & IU, Demi Lovato ft Travis Barker, and MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

‘Stuck With U’ – Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber

It’s what we have all been excitedly waiting for! Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber‘s song ‘Stuck With You’. This one gives us a more romantic approach to the whole quarantine thing. The music soothes and melts our hearts. Better yet we also get an official music video. A mash-up of Ariana singing along with various Tik Tok, Skype, video chatting, or videos of people slow dancing with each other or even their pets. Then when Justin’s part comes in we get a cute shot of him and his girl walking on a beautiful day (social distancing of course!). The sugar is so sweet we are bursting. Go slow dance in the kitchen with a loved one or precious furry friend and bask in the lovely song, or like us try not to cry your eyes out to the music video.

Proceeds from the song will be donated to First Responders Children’s Foundation.

Listen to the single here

‘Eight’ – IU feat Suga

The highly-anticipated collaboration between Korea’s Sweetheart, IU, and sought after producer, rapper, singer-songwriter, SUGA of BTS was dropped on Wednesday! ‘Eight’ touches on themes of nostalgia, finding one’s self at the age of 28, and realizations they have had, having reached this age. (Both artists were born the same year and are 28 in Korean Age.) There are several interpretations for the lyrics and the tune is wistful and hopeful, with a creative and futuristic music video in which IU enters a machine to look back through her memories. We at Fresh Music Friday are in love!

Listen to the single here

iScream Vol: 1 Kick It Remixes – NCT 127

NCT 127 teamed up with ScreaM Records for an EDM themed project ‘iScream’ featuring three remixes of the title track from their previous comeback ‘Kick It’. If you’re a fan of EDM and experimental sounds, you’ll love these tracks! This comes in the wake of their repackage album release set for 19th May. If the teasers are any indication, it’s set to be a smash hit.

Available to stream soon

‘I Finally Understand’ – Charli XCX

New music from Charli XCX is here! ‘I Finally Understand’ is a song off of Charli’s quarantine album How I Am Feeling that’s coming out May 15th. We might have another week to wait but we have ‘I Finally Understand’ to keep us on our toes. The song is playful. Music made with staccato or short beats that feel nearly robotic. It’s her voice that smooths the robotic out just enough for us to understand the feelings behind the music. Wanting someone can feel robotic, like possession of your brain and body as it gives in and craves the object of your desire. It’s a totally human and emotion-filled thing but an automatic sometimes uncontrollable response. We’re loving the creativity of ‘I Finally Understand’ and you should go see for yourself how good it truly is.

Listen to the single

‘I Love Me (Emo Version)’ – Demi Lovato ft Travis Barker

‘I Love Me’ by Demi Lovato now has a remix version with guest feature Travis Barker. Affectionately dubbed the “Emo Version” we get a face full of throwbacks like MySpace and flippy hair. Lyrics pop up on about me pages or messaging features, all in the classic MySpace style. And Remember those checkered backgrounds in pretty pink with skulls and bows? You know those have to make an appearance. Get ready for an overdose of nostalgia. The boy band rock and emo eyeliner and works. Fresh Music Friday approved!

Listen to the single here

Half Written Story – Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld seems to keep making our love for her grow deeper. With the release of her new EP Half Written Story, we are fully convinced she is a godsend because her angelic voice really knows how to put us all in our feels. Seriously, this EP is unlike anything we’ve heard from Hailee before, and we are no disappointed in the slightest! We definitely needed this EP to make our 2020 better!

Listen to the single here

Petals For Amor – Hayley Williams

When Hayley Williams announced solo music, we had high hopes for the songstress to drop some bangers. Now that Petals For Armor is finally out, all we have to say is that she far exceeded our expectations! The album is absolutely unbelievable, and every song has its own unique sound. Hayley has always been great at telling a story through every song she performs and this new solo album really showcases her talent for writing and singing, of course. It’s a 100/10 in our book, and you can’t convince us otherwise!

Listen to the single here

‘Love Like That’ – Lauv

Lauv has such smooth vocals on this track that we can’t help but get lost in every word he says. A stunning visual into the heart of a relationship, loving someone so hard even though they may not deserve that unconditional love and wishing that that sort of love could be returned. We think this song deserved a spot on the album, but at least we’re getting it now because not hearing it at all would be catastrophic. Lauv is destined for some big things in 2020, we can feel it!

Listen to the single here

‘Malibu’ – Kim Petras

It’s heating up over here at Fresh Music Friday as Kim Petras gives us a summer anthem with ‘Malibu.’ The song gives us vibes that take us back to pre-2000s, with the feeling of a summertime drive to a beach. It’s a song we can just dance and escape our thoughts to, with her voice making us want to dance and sing along with her. It’s a total bop and is sure to be a pop hit. Is it going to be the song of summer? Maybe it will be! It definitely has the power. We’ll be playing it on repeat all summer!

Listen to the single here

Gateway – Astro

Astro‘s comeback was accompanied by a dreamy music video for the title single ‘Knock’ and a six-track album. The theme of the title track touches on the topics of romance, heartbreak, and longing with impactful choreography and beautiful vocals and rap verses in a fusion of genres. Every song on the album is worth a repeat!

Listen to the single here

‘Lownely’ – Benee

Benee just keeps impressing us even more, she dropped ‘Lownely,’ a stripped-down version of her absolute hit ‘Supalonely.’ And let us just tell you, she made us fall in love with the song and her vocals even more. Her vocals are so delicate and precise, and it’s so beautiful to see what she’s done with the slowed-down version of the track. Maybe this one will end up almost as popular as the original? Whatever happens, this is our favorite version for sure since it gives us more time to appreciate Benee’s talent.

Listen to the single here

See Also

‘I Should Be Happy’ – Lovelytheband

Lovelytheband is here again asking us to feel our hearts rip open and the flood gates of our eyes release with new song ‘I Should Be Happy’. Slow distorted vocals speak to us in time with the piano backing. The visualizer is cute. Sunshine, rainbows, and sparkles. All the things we know we should feel in tune with but… we just aren’t. There is no should be in happiness. Sometimes it’s more than that, more than what’s going on around us. We should be happy, but we just aren’t and that is okay. Talk to someone, let it out. Open those flood gates so maybe you can feel happy again. The music is slow and healing, thick like a salve over a burn. Lovelytheband knows it, we know it, ‘I Should Be Happy’.

Listen to the single here

Falling In Love – Youngjae & Choi Jung Yoon

GOT7‘s Young Jae collaborated with soloist Choi Jungyoon for a heartfelt OST, their beautiful vocals capturing the emotions of the main couple falling in love in the 2020 Korean drama now airing, ‘When My Love Blooms’ starring GOT7’s Jinyoung!

Listen to the single here

‘Headache’ – Jongup ft YUNHWAY

Jongup, formally part of BAP, officially debuted as a soloist with his new company! The song has an old school vibe to the tune and visuals of the video and we’ve definitely got it on repeat! His vocals blend perfectly with YUNHWAY’s rap and we can’t forget his moves!

Listen to the single here

‘Distance’ – Yebba

Yebba just released a new song, ‘Distance,’ and we’re definitely not keeping our distance from this song, we’re listening to it non-stop. It’s also co-produced with Mark Ronson, which gives the track even more power. It’s a soul, folk ballad, and we are, to say the least, in love with it. Her vocals are stunning, and we’re just in awe of the song as a whole. Hold on, we’re off to go take another listen and take in the gorgeous song again.

Listen to the single here

Which of these new tunes from Fresh Music Friday are you adding to your playlists? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Words: Jazmin Williams, Dakota Ash, Bless O, Emily Defoor, Brooke Gray

Image Source: Austin Hargrave | Kevin Mazur | Courtesy of Kakao M 

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