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NCT 127 Have Us ‘ScreaMing’ Over Their New Remixes

NCT 127 Have Us ‘ScreaMing’ Over Their New Remixes

As NCT 127 are preparing for their next comeback, they are giving NCTzens plenty to keep them occupied between now and its release. One of these things is the release of iScreaM Vol 1: ‘Kick It’ Remixes, a collection of three versions of the group’s title track from their last comeback, ‘Kick It’. These new versions of the song are provided to us by Hitchhiker, MINIMONSTER, and Valentino Kahn.

Source: SMTOWN via Youtube

While Hitchhiker and MINIMONSTER offer a softer EDM sound with their amazing mixes, Valentino Kahn’s mix is intense, making much of the same energy that we see with NCT 127’s concept for ‘Kick It.’ The style of Kahn’s mixes, often filled with trap, bass, house, and other heavy sounds, are ones that fans are used to hearing in much of NCT 127’s music. These two artists coming together for these remixes unlocks a new sound that shows both artists’ strengths, and is the song we hope to hear playing from many different music fans. 

Meet Valentino Kahn

Image Source: Universal Music Group

Valentino Kahn first entered the music scene as a DJ and producer back in 2014 with his debut EP, In Kahn We Trust, under Skrillex’s OWSLA labelWhile he is known for his hits like “Deep Down Low” and “Pump,” he has also earned production credits with artists like 2 Chainz, B.O.B, Iggy Azalea, TI., and so many more. You may have even heard of his iconic show at the Hollywood Palladium, which included a set with Shaquille O’Neal (also known by his DJ name, DJ Diesel), and a surprise appearance from Snoop Dog. 

NCT 127 Have Even More In-Store

Image Source: SM Entertainment

NCT 127 has had a very busy 2020 as well, with the release of their 2nd full-length album in March, NCT #127: Neo Zone. The group is also undergoing preparations for their comeback on May 19 (which if you haven’t checked out their teaser trailers and concepts photos, it is a must!). On top of that, the 127 boys will be closing out the Beyond LIVE concert series on May 16 at 11PM PST. Fans even got some insight into the concert (and NCT DREAM‘s happening on May 9 at 11PM PST) from member Johnny during a livestream, although he couldn’t reveal too many spoilers. 

All three of these ‘Kick It’ remixes are great to listen to when you need a moment to dance it out. It is also fun to listen to how others perceive the song and how these artists added their spin to it, offering unique perspectives. These collaborations also introduce theirs fans to a new world of music they may not have otherwise explored, so it’s safe to say that we’ll be blasting these tracks all weekend long. 

Have you checked out iScreaM Vol 1: ‘Kick It’ Remixes yet? Do you have a favorite track? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

Need more NCT 127 in your life? Don’t worry, we gotchu!

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