Niall Horan released the video for ‘Black And White’, and that’s all we needed today.

Niall Horan released the video for ‘Black And White’, and that’s all we needed today.

Looking for good news? Well, we will certainly treat you with ours. And it’s all bout Niall Horan. In addition to his numerous Instagram livestreams, Niall decided to bless us by sharing a new music video for his latest single ‘Black and White’, which is above all one of the fans’ favorite songs off of the album.

You may have heard of Niall Horan’s brand new album, Heartbreak Weather, released on March 13th. Kidding, if you haven’t, go check it out, run, there’s no more time to lose. Not only does it feature his successful singles ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, ‘Put A Little Love On Me’ and ‘No Judgement’, it’s also the perfect mix of sweet and modern pop music, with a hint of nostalgic groove, rock and folk that highlight love’s ups and downs. In other words: just what we needed.

Image Source: Dean Martindale. [Courtesy of Capital Records]

Back to Black And White.

The song traces the story of a couple from their first night to wedding’s dreams and eternal love promises. Sweet, isn’t it? The lyrics on display are accompanied by snippets of his photoshoots, live performances, and other personal videos (for instance: backstage footages). As a matter of fact, that’s the kind of content his fans – including us- didn’t miss on liking and sharing as soon as it was out on his YouTube channel on April 21st. Moreover, the video’s style reminds us of the one for ‘Slow Hands’, released almost three years ago. The cool drawing effects, moving lyrics and color changes operate the magic Niall’s fans – or petals – absolutely adore.

Latest news

Due to the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, Niall had to cancel his upcoming tour. However, he promised he would come back later and stronger with new music and new dates, and that’s exactly what we’re here for. While we’re awaiting some more news about those exciting announcements, we’re luckily able to enjoy his Instagram livestreams, stream his latest album Heartbreak Weather and watch the music videos for ‘Nice To Meet Ya’, ‘Put A Little Love On Me’, ‘No Judgement’ and now ‘Black and White’ on YouTube. In conclusion, there’s no more excuse to boredom! 😉

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Featured Image Source: Dean Martindale. [Courtesy of Capitol Records]

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