Bryce Vine Is Here Solving All Of Our ‘Problems’

Bryce Vine Is Here Solving All Of Our ‘Problems’

Bryce Vine is an artist we can never get enough of, his songs are so real and honest, as well as super chill, and every single one of them makes us feel good to listen to. That’s why we’re super glad he dropped a brand new song during this quarantine, and the fact that we’re all home gives us more time to listen to it. It’s called ‘Problems,’ and it’s a quarantine-inspired track written from home, and we can all relate to it right now.

The main lyric, “all I see outside is problems,” is how we’re all feeling right now. To find a song that we can relate to during a situation like this feels so good, and the song is so good on its own, too.

We could describe every lyric of the song and how much we resonate with it at a time like this, but how about you just take a listen to the song yourself? You’ll find it’s very chill and relaxing to listen to Bryce’s voice with the simple music, also hopeful and optimistic about the future with the lyrics! We think you’ll love it.

Check out the song here on Spotify, and you can also check out the audio on YouTube below!

If you feel like you know Bryce Vine but not sure where you know him from, you might remember his double-platinum hit ‘Drew Barrymore.’ Or by his newer song, ‘Baby Girl.’ Both of those songs are hits, and ‘Problems’ is sure to be one, too!

Did Bryce Vine make you fall in love with his song ‘Problems’ the same way we did? Let us know by dropping us a comment below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Cover Art for ‘Problems’

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