Bono Shared Playlist for His Birthday

Bono Shared Playlist for His Birthday

In honor of his 60th birthday, Bono created and shared a playlist of songs that have saved his life, he couldn’t live without, and the ones that have brought him joy.

The four-hour-long playlist, includes songs from his favorites from his teenage years, favorite collaborations, and today’s artists such as Billie Eilish. There are some of Bono’s collaborations in the playlist as well. These include Luciano Pavarotti, Kendrick Lamar, and Frank Sinatra.

The star also says “I wanted to thank the artists and everyone who helped make them… They were doing the same for me… I am writing a letter to accompany each song to try and explain my fascination…”

Bono birthday playlist

Fan Letters

The first six letters came out with the playlist, with the remaining being released through the week. The letters are addressed to the artists and their family members. Some of the recipients include members of Kraftwerk, Pavarotti’s daughter, Billie Eilish, and David Bowie’s son Duncan.

In Duncan’s letter, Bono wrote “When I heard your Dad’s song LIFE ON MARS? on the radio in 1973, I was hiding under the covers of my bed in 10 Cedarwood Road listening to a pirate radio station called Radio Caroline. The song was answering a much more important question when I was 13… Is there intelligent life on earth? It was proof as far as I’m concerned.”

The youngest star to appear in the playlist is Billie Eilish. The 18-year-old is the same age that Bono was when he wrote his first song. In the letter addressed to Eilish and brother Finneas, Bono listed ‘everything i wanted’ as a favorite. “I step inside your song and it’s a black beauty, achingly awesomely vulnerable and terrifying, fearless and worrisome,” wrote the Irish singer. In comparison to Carole King and Roy Orbison, he also stated: “But just like them, this never existed before you did.”

Have a listen to Bono’s 60 SongS That Saved My Life playlist on your preferred music service or listen below!

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