Polo&Pan A ‘Home Sweet Home’ Of Your Own, Get Ready To Vibe

Polo&Pan A ‘Home Sweet Home’ Of Your Own, Get Ready To Vibe

Polo&Pan is a French electro duo. They’ve been collaborating since 2013 and have a good run of Europe’s nightlife. Described as suave, sophisticated, and funky. Their first meeting was in a Paris nightspot that’s now closed. What better circumstances for friendship and musical partnership to blossom?

‘Home Sweet Home’ Mixtape

This is one trip where you might want to bring some snacks. This lovely little mixtape sits at a cool 57 minutes and 41 seconds and it comes as a result of this deep quarantine we’re locked in. Before now Polo&Pan was getting in deep with some writing and recording. With their second coming album on hold Polo&Pan decided to bring to us a nicely patched together work that they describe as:

Stuffed with edits and rare versions, for creatures great and small.


Inspiration everywhere from The Wizard of Oz to 1930s Italian movie staples with little snippets in between the years. This was a cute and thoughtful side project that turned into a demonstration of Polo&Pan’s creativity and imagination. Like the free spirits they are, we hope you will give in to some temptation and enjoy an ethereal experience.

Did you love the mixtape? Find a spiritual awakening? Meet some faes maybe? Let us know at @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter or visit us on Facebook!

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Featured Image Source: Noemi Ferst & Benjamin Moreau

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