The Rap Up Brings You Fire Yet Again!

The Rap Up Brings You Fire Yet Again!

Welcome back to The Rap Up, where we give you the hottest hip-hop and R&B releases from the past week. Last week, we were blessed with rap collaborations from Meg & Queen Bey and Doja Cat & Nicki. It was definitely one of our favorite weeks yet!

Will this week beat last week? Let’s find out!

Brandy: ‘Baby Mama’ ft. Chance The Rapper

Brandy, a classic voice in R&B, came back with her first single this year, and Chance The Rapper jumped on to join her! This past Monday, Brandy dropped her new single ‘Baby Mama,’ and not only did she come through with fire choreography, but this is simply a collab that we didn’t know we needed! It has been about 8 years since Brandy dropped Two Eleven, and based on what we just heard, she’s coming back like she has never left! A different vibe from her past projects, we’re too excited to listen to what else she’s been baking in the studio!

You can stream ‘Baby Mama’ on all platforms here!

Kehlani: It Was Good Until It Wasn’t

One of the queens of R&B is back with another album! Kehlani just dropped her new album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. Like some other artists, whole entire projects were done under quarantine orders. Composed of 15 tracks with features from Jhene Aiko, Lucky Daye, Tory Lanez, and more, Kehlani successfully left us in our feelings yet again. Her album holds many messages– from giving a middle finger to the press and rumors spread about her (‘Everybody Business’) to relationships that carry the cycle of fighting and making up in the bedroom (‘F&MU’). Full of different elements but still dedicates the overall sound to R&B, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t is not an album to miss out on. Kehlani even said so herself!

You can stream It Was Good Until It Wasn’t on all platforms here!

Lil Durk: Just Cause Y’all Waited 2

Following his 2018 Just Cause Y’all Waited mixtape, Lil Durk drops his album Just Cause Y’all Waited 2. One of the many artists who continued making music during quarantine, Lil Durk rewarded us for our patience with 15 tracks featuring fellow rappers Gunna, Lil Baby, Polo G, and G Herbo. We were also supposed to get a collab album with him and Metro Boomin’, but because of quarantine, the project was put on hold. We aren’t complaining, though! We’re feeling immaculate because of this drop.

You can stream Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 on all platforms here!

Chris Brown & Young Thug: Slime & B

Chris Brown and Young Thug collaborated and dropped us an album this past Friday as well! Slime & B gives us 12 tracks full of straight-up bars, and they gave us other features with Lil Duke, Gunna, Future, and many more! We both know Chris Brown and Young Thug are some of the hottest names in hip-hop. We’ve all heard ‘No Guidance’ with Chris and Drake, and we have also heard ‘The London.’ Put both of their sounds together and you now have a fire collab.

You can stream Slime & B here!

Moneybagg Yo: ‘Spin On Em’ ft. Fredo Bang

Moneybagg Yo is back once again with another music video. This week, he dropped the video for his single ‘Spin on em,’ which features Fredo Bang. A lot of fans are psyched to see and hear this collab with Fredo Bang, and you can listen to plenty more on his album Time Served!

You can stream Time Served on all platforms here!

Re.decay: ‘Sun In The Morning’ ft. ADH, Mawcom X, Sedric Perry

Re.decay is a hip-hop/funk duo with their new, feel-good single ‘Sun In The Morning.’ Do you know that feeling when you wake up to the sun shining in your face? It could either be annoying or refreshing depending on your mood, but playing this track in the morning will for sure help lift your spirits up! We can definitely hear the influences behind the track, as it reminds us of the 80s/90s hip-hop era.

You can stream ‘Sun In The Morning’ on all platforms here!

Yvon: ‘Run’ ft. Dekar

Yvon is a rising R&B artist who just released her new single ‘Run,’ which features Dekar. A different flow compared to other typical R&B artist, Yvon describes the sound of her music to be “mostly R&B and soul, but ultimately free-spirited.” Some of her musical influences include Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and India Arie. We can definitely see where the influences come in, and we hope for nothing but the best for her career this point forward!

Denzel Wilson: ‘Fiesta’

New Jersey-based artist Denzel Wilson embraces 2000s R&B with his new single ‘Fiesta.’ We just can’t get enough of the smooth production behind the song, and he successfully gave us a taste of what his upcoming EP is going to sound like. From this track alone, we can hear how passionate and nostalgic his sound is. There is never anything wrong with giving us a throwback sound from an earlier time; we’ll still have a ‘Fiesta’ no matter what!

Smoove’L: Boy From Brooklyn

19-year-old Brooklyn-based rapper released his label-debut mixtape Boy From Brooklyn. The mixtape gives us 11 tracks where he expresses his views and troubles in his past relationships. All of his songs hit you with extreme beats that will have you jammin’ in your car. Although he is a smaller artist, Smoove’L will be climbing the charts in no time. The rap industry is getting better at embracing the rawness and story behind the lyrics, and you can definitely hear both in Smoove’L’s music.

You can stream Boy From Brooklyn on all platforms here!

J.I: ‘Proud of Me’

J.I dropped a video of his performance from the rooftop, performing his latest single ‘Proud of Me.’ J.I, known as the Prince of New York, previously got his name out there with the hit show The Rap Game and continues to make music. Many people have nothing but good things to say about the rapper; DJBooth says he is “yet another reminder the five boroughs cannot be defeated in sound ingenuity.

You can stream ‘Proud of Me’ on all platforms here!

Laolu: ‘Show and Prove’

London artist Laolu drops her new single ‘Show and Prove’ in which she seeks for honesty and respect from her significant other. It’s a song that truly expresses how actions are better than words with a slow, 2000s-like melody. We’re looking forward to hearing more from her, as this is only her second single! You could never ignore a queen as talented as Laolu. Trust us, you’ll regret it later.

You can stream ‘Show and Prove’ on all platforms here!

Reo Cragun: ‘Cuss You Out’

A sound mix of hip-hop and EDM, Reo Cragun gives us ‘Cuss You Out.’ His sound could be compared to the legend himself, Lil Uzi Vert. “‘Cuss You Out’ really comes down to the self-worth.” Reo Cragun speaks on the track. “It’s easy to lose yourself inside a relationship and this song was my wake up call.” He had since opened up for Billie Eilish on her Where’s My Mind tour, and collaborated with FLUME on many tracks. His eclectic, catchy sound will leave him with even more fans bopping to his music.

You can stream ‘Cuss You Out’ on all platforms here!

Peter Manos: ‘Tennessee’

Peter Manos drops his new single ‘Tennessee,’ giving us a mixture of alternative-pop and indie-R&B. Saying that we are obsessed with the sound would be a complete understatement; If you’re in love with artists like James Blake and Frank Ocean, Manos’s music fits right into the category. It seems like fans are already in love with him, as his debut single ‘In My Head’ has accumulated over 300 million streams and mentioned in the Rolling Stones as a ‘Song You Need To Know.’

Cee Kay: ‘Drugs’

Arkansas-based rapper Cee Kay releases his new single ‘Drugs.’ Surpassing over 3 million views on his past single ‘Pressure,’ which features Youngboy Never Broke Again, Cee Kay is no doubt preparing to become a force in the rap industry. Despite his current success, he makes sure to always stay true to himself and the code of the streets, and he makes sure his raps stay raw and based on where he comes from.

You can stream ‘Drugs’ on all platforms here!

Alec Meza: ‘Hot Boy Summer’

Megan Thee Stallion gave ladies an anthem with ‘Hot Girl Summer, now Alec Meza is looking out for the gents. “Hot Boy Summer” starts off with cocky guys looking for a good time, but the tone completely changes when they find out you can’t always get what you want. When the beat slows down, it’s an eye-opener; it’s a change in their mindset on how to approach women. The track overall embraces respecting women in a rap, which is always a great message, if you ask us!

You can stream ‘Hot Boy Summer’ on Spotify above!

Rapping It Up

It looks like R&B has taken over this week’s Rap Up, and we’re not complaining! If you need us, we’ll be streaming Kehlani all weekend! We’ll be back next week, but this is not goodbye!

What do you guys think of this week’s Rap Up? Which release was your favorite from this week? Comment your thoughts down below, or feel free to tweet us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

We will be back every Sunday to give you the new Hip-hop/R&B feels you have been searching for! In the meantime, you can check out our Hip-POP & R&Bee category for more!

Featured Image Source: Yasmin Keskin

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