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Halestorm launch #RoadieStrong Campaign!

Halestorm launch #RoadieStrong Campaign!

For us fans, live shows being cancelled because of COVID-19 has been tough. But for roadies and touring crew, it has been even tougher. When our favourite artists all had to cancel their shows, they all had other streams of income to fall back on. Their crew weren’t as lucky.

Now Halestorm have launched their #RoadieStrong campaign to help!

Halestorm #RoadieStrong
Image Credit: Judy Won

We want you to take a moment to think about how many hours of work go into making a show happen every night on tour. Got an idea? Good. Because whatever it is you’ll likely need to double it!

Here at The Honey Pop, we know just how full on the life of being a roadie can be. Most roadies themselves wouldn’t even call it a job, they’d call it a lifestyle. 

So when Grammy Award-winning rock band Halestorm reached out to tell us all about how they’re shining a light on ways to help and be #RoadieStrong, we had to shine a spotlight on the issue as well. 

“Roadies are more than a crew, they are the beating heart of the show…Roadies are our tour family. They are OUR people…We stand with all the roadies who are struggling during this lockdown. And encourage you to show your love and support for the men and women behind the curtain.” – Halestorm

Halestorm are a four-piece rock band hailing from Pennsylvania and have played over 2,500 shows since 1997. If, like us, you’re in awe of that HUGE show count and would like to get involved the band have made it super easy! 

First and foremost, we all know times are tough so simply raising awareness is already a massive help. By sharing this issue on twitter with #RoadieStrong, you’ll be helping to show governments worldwide that more needs to be done! 

But if you want to go the extra mile and pick up some new merch while you’re at it, Halestorm have partnered with Live Nation’s ‘Crew Nation’ fundraiser. This merch is available here. Alternatively, you can also donate directly here. All the proceeds go straight to helping crew members who are now out of work.

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As always, stay safe!

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Featured Image Source: Judy Won

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