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From Body Positivity to Self Love, Here’s 5 Things Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson Taught Us Over The Years

From Body Positivity to Self Love, Here’s 5 Things Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson Taught Us Over The Years

Jesy Nelson

Jesy Nelson. What a babe. The Little Mix member really is quite something. She’s beautiful, talented, funny, outspoken and a real role model. We’re all in need of some motivation right now and she really is someone we look to during our time of need. That’s why we thought we’d reflect and look at five things Jesy Nelson has taught us over time to remind ourselves – and you – of the messages which she preaches.

Jesy Nelson
Image Source: GIPHY

She taught us to embrace our insecurities

Jesy Nelson
Image Source: Jesy Nelson via Instagram

Jesy knows all too well that many of her fans are dealing with how to handle their self-conscious thoughts about what others think of them, but reminded Mixers that “your insecurities are what make you different and who you are; if everyone looked the same it’d be boring.” Such a positive perspective to take on a universal issue!

She taught us how social media can negatively impact others and why trolling should be taken seriously

Image Source: Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out, BBC III

Back last year, Miss Nelson released the BBC documentary Jesy Nelson: Odd One Out which shows her vulnerable side in telling the story of her struggles of online bullying and harassment on social media which followed her around since her time on The X Factor and how it impacted her mental health. The documentary was raw and brutally honest and saw Jesy sharing some difficult truths in hopes to raise awareness of a taboo topic that seems to be growing by the day.

Not only did it mean a huge amount to Mixers, but it received a huge amount of support and applause from the British public when it aired on BBC One. The message Jesy shared hit home with so many and even ended up winning ‘Best Factual Entertainment Show’ at the National Television Awards. Yes, Queen!

She taught us that you don’t need a relationship to feel satisfied in life

Jesy Nelson
Image source: Jesy Nelson via Instagram

Singing big anthems such as ‘Joan of Arc’, and ‘Power’, Little Mix are keen to remind Mixers that a relationship doesn’t equal how successful you are in life. Singing lyrics such as “I don’t need a man, if I’m loving you it’s ’cause I can”, Jesy preaches that the only person who you need to make you feel satisfied and valid is yourself! PREACH.

She taught us that our own opinion is what matters

Jesy Nelson
Image Source: Jesy Nelson via Instagram

We love seeing Jesy strut her stuff in the most fierce fashion and she owns it. It’s taken a while for her to feel confident in owning it while wearing what she wants, but now she shares the message to others that “if you want to wear something, all that matters is that you love it, not what other people think. Learn to love yourself!” We stan.

She taught us to not give a damn about what people think or say!

Jesy Nelson
Image Source: Little Mix via Twitter

Despite the struggles she spoke about in her documentary, Jesy Nelson has come leaps and bounds in growing thick skin and how to brush off the haters. She has a lot of vocals in the song ‘Wasabi‘ dedicated to those who can’t keep her or Little Mix out of their mouths, and when infamous troll Katie Hopkins decided to take another swipe at Jesy once more about her appearance and what she wears, she dedicated an Instagram post to her looking gorgeous and captioning it “have another one hun”. POP OFF, MISS NELSON.

We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling pretty empowered right now! Thanks Jesy, we love ya babe!

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Jesy Nelson
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Are you a Mixer? What has Jesy Nelson taught you? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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  • #JesyTaughtMe That I am Good Enough and worth it and beautiful and for that I am grateful!

  • #JesyThaughtMe That your opinion is what matters and that beauty is not important outside but inside and when you learn to love yourself so nothing else matters. Btw I love Jesy, because of her I feel much better and have bigger confidence.

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