Loren Gray’s ‘Cake’ is out!

Loren Gray’s ‘Cake’ is out!

Loren Gray’s ‘Cake’ is out! All of us TikTok users know her name and watched her videos pop up onto our ‘For You’ page. Needless to say she is an Internet legend with more than 43M followers on TikTok, and 20M on Instagram. In addition to that, she’s also a self-made artist, building her musical career from her first single ‘My Story’ in 2018 to her brand new one… Then, we’re here for it!

Loren Gray's 'Cake' is out NOW!
768Featured image source: ‘Cake”s cover, courtesy of Capitol Music Group.

‘Cake’ is out today, and it’s a bop

Loren’s brand new track is a sparkling declaration of personal indepedence. “Imma do my thing, thing. Don’t care what you think, think.” If that. Above all, those deliciously sassy lyrics are brought to life by pop sounds, along with a cheerful beat that just makes you want to get up and dance! However, the general sound and Loren’s voice make the track sound a bit like Ariana Grande’s earlier hits, and we love it! In other words: a bop.

Loren Gray's 'Cake' is out NOW!
Image source: Loren Gray, Courtesy of Capitol Music Group

Get to know more about Loren

Also, Loren is one kind artist, properly grateful to her fans for their support and what they bring her. Not only is she an energetic popstar in the making, but she’s also very down-to-earth and honest when it comes to those who made her the famous person she is today. So we can easily say without a hesitation that she’s as dedicated and committed to her fans as they are to her. Consequently, she often hosts live chats to check on them, goes through her numerous DMs on a daily basis to answer them, and keeps a very strong relationship with all of them.

Protect her at all costs.

Loren Gray's 'Cake' is out NOW!
Featured Image: Official Video Screen Grab, courtesy of Capitol Music Group

So, now you’re a bit more familiar – or in love- with her… Therefore, we kindly remind you that Loren Gray’s ‘Cake’ is out today at 9AM PST! Give it a listen (no, give it a million x), and let us know if you liked it on Twitter at @thehoneypop or on Facebook!



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