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Jessie Ware Has Us Saving Our Love For Her!

Jessie Ware Has Us Saving Our Love For Her!

Jessie Ware has released her newest single ‘Save a Kiss’ for our listening pleasure! All my pop princesses and princes need to give this song a listen. The English singer-songwriter has just given us a new summer hit. Haven’t heard it yet? We got you covered. Check it out here!

‘Save A Kiss’ gives us the perfect blend of disco, bubblegum pop, and 80s diva powerhouse vocals that is the perfect recipe for a love song. One of the best parts of Jessie Ware’s talent is that lyrically she’s able to make listeners feel like they’re on the same journey that she is. We can’t say there’s anyone in particular that we are saving a kiss for right now, (except maybe Harry Styles) but this song makes us feel like we’re the star of a teen coming of age movie and our crush is waiting for us at the school dance! Too specific? Sorry, maybe that’s us projecting. 👀


This song is a treat for anyone who loves upbeat love songs. The entire feel of the song is flirtatious and fun! Since we’re all stuck inside our homes right now, we’d recommend you pop in some headphones and listen to this song at full blast in your bedroom so you can recreate the club at home. Trust us, when you hear ‘Save A Kiss’ you will want to dance. If you don’t believe us, just look at what Jessie had to say about the song!

Save A Kiss’ has taken on a new meaning during these weird times and it seems like the right time to put it out. This track is an optimistic one for me. I hope it resonates with people wherever they are right now. It’s an upbeat song to dance along to and have fun with. I know I’ve got plenty of kisses I’m saving up for everyone when this is all over.”

Jessie Ware

If you need more Jessie Ware in your life after listening to this song, have no fear. We’ve already given you the tea on her amazing song, ‘Spotlight’ but we have even more good news for you! Jessie’s fourth album What’s Your Pleasure? is dropping on June 19. Get excited for more disco dance tunes, because they are coming soon!

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Jessie is such a queen that she even released the choreography she plans to use in the ‘Save A Kiss’ music video. She says fans can learn the choreography and submit it, and she’ll include some of her favorite clips in the video! Can Jessie Ware get more iconic? We think not. What songs do you hope make her album? Let us know in the comments or online on Twitter or Facebook at @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Carlijn Jacobs via udiscovermusic.

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