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Sheppard Helps Us Say ‘Thank You’ To Our Moms

Sheppard Helps Us Say ‘Thank You’ To Our Moms

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone but honestly, we should be appreciating the moms in our life every day! The latest track from Sheppard, ‘Thank You,‘ is here to help you do just that!

Sheppard understands that moms are superheroes and that they should be appreciated as such. While ‘Thank You’ dropped on Mother’s Day, it’s a song that applies year-round! The song is a tribute to George, Amy, and Emma Sheppard’s mom Linda, who is an important part of their journey as a band. She’s been along for the ride in 60 countries, experiencing many shows, festivals, airports, and not so great hotels, watching their career thrive.

So of course, what better way to show their appreciation than a surprise song! What makes the surprise even sweeter is that they pulled it off during a lockdown, while she was right next door! Honestly, we need to up our gift game.

You can watch the video for the song here!

In order to make the video for ‘Thank You’ extra special, the band asked fans to send in footage of them spending time with their mothers. They turned that footage into a compilation, set to the song. It’s a beautiful music video that probably made those mamas feel extra special too.

We’ve gotta hand it to Sheppard, ‘Thank You’ is such a spectacular track. It’s a fun, toe-tapping track that’ll have you moving to the beat while reminiscing about mom. They really capture the essence of what our relationships with our moms can be like. From the playful child years to the moody teen years to the grateful adult years and everything in between. Put it on and listen with mom, or whoever you’re celebrating, it’ll be a great experience for the both of you!

Sheppard 'Thank You' is here to help us all appreciate our mothers for everything they do
Image Source: Peter Brew Bevan

Let’s be real, we should all be thanking Sheppard for this track. It’s a great tribute to the women in our life who helped shape us, and sometimes words mean more than any physical gift. If you’re not in close proximity to mom right now, send her this song! And call her! Let her know you’re thinking of her.

Sheppard’s ‘Thank You’ is the sixth song from their upcoming record. The tracks are being released month by month and we can’t wait to see the whole thing come together! Along with ‘Thank You,’ if you want to hear more from their new album, check out ‘Somebody Like You’ and ‘Come Back!’

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So, what do you think of the track? Is it making you miss the good ole’ days with mom? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

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Featured Image Source: Peter Brew Bevan

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