Chantel Jeffries Keeps Us Coming Back To Her

Chantel Jeffries Keeps Us Coming Back To Her

Chantel Jeffries has released a new single with some killer vocals from singer, Shaylen! If you need a quick, upbeat jam to lift your spirits during quarantine, ‘Come Back To Me’ is just the song for you. Listen to it now!

‘Come Back To Me’

This song is the perfect summer soundtrack for all you cool kids. To be honest, if you look just at the lyrics, the song is a bit dark. Shaylen sings about liking the old version of her partner better, and how she desperately wishes times could go back to the way she remembers. Fortunately for all of us, the music is so fun that you can still enjoy your full scope of emotions while listening to this song. We now crown Chantel Jeffries and Shaylen the CEOs of emotional intelligence. Iconic.


If you thought a new song is all, Ceejay the DJ was giving us this week, you are mistaken. As a result of the inspiring message behind the song, DoorDash will host a virtual dinner party! Chantel and special guests will come together for an evening of celebration, connection, and giving back to communities. During the dinner party, DoorDash will donate meals to families in need. All this is possible through their partnership with Feeding America! Click this link at 5 PM PST to see it all go down!

Who do you want to see at the virtual dinner party tonight? And how are you liking Chantel’s new song? Let us know in the comments or online on Facebook or Twitter at @TheHoneypop!

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Featured Image Source: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images.

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