Duncan Laurence is back with ‘Worlds On Fire’!

Duncan Laurence is back with ‘Worlds On Fire’!

2019 Eurovision Song Contest’s bookmakers had had their sights on him for a while and got proven right. After winning the last Eurovision contest in 2019 with his hit ‘Arcade’, Duncan Laurence is back with Worlds On Fire, a brand new EP that he released on May 13th. It includes 5 songs and his new single, ‘Someone Else‘. In other words: a record that you don’t want to miss on.

Worlds On Fire, the EP

Duncan Laurence is back with 'Worlds On Fire'
Featured Image Source: Cover of Worlds on Fire, courtesy of Universal Music

As previously said, Duncan’s new EP is the perfect balance between sweet, pop, and organic sounds. No big production and no unnecessary effects. Just a powerful voice bringing meaningful lyrics to life. The five-song collection includes ‘Beautiful’, ‘Yet’, global hit ‘Arcade’, Duncan’s last single ‘Love Don’t Hate It’, and his brand new one ‘Someone Else’.

Duncan releases ‘Someone Else’

Duncan Laurence is back with 'Worlds On Fire'
Featured Image Source: Carin Verbruggen for Esquire NL

After two huge successes following the previous releases of his first two singles ‘Arcade’ (more than 200M streams worldwide), and ‘Love Don’t Hate It’, Duncan releases ‘Someone Else’. The new single has been produced in Los Angeles with some of the most reputed songwriters and producers who previously worked with Selena Gomez and Troye Sivan. Yes, we know: impressive. What’s the song about, then?

‘Someone Else’ is about the feeling you can get when you’re all by yourself and your head starts spinning and replaying memories of a previous relationship,


Deep, isn’t it? Consequently, the song evokes the constant reminder of that one person you were in love with, and who sadly walked away of your life. Add to that the growling guitar and thudding piano sounds, and you get the song.

A bit more about Duncan Laurence

Duncan Laurence is back with 'Worlds On Fire'
Featured Image Source: Carin Verbruggen for Esquire NL

Following his well-deserved success at the Eurovision contest in 201 with ‘Arcade’, Duncan kept on making music and conquering the whole world. His first hit accumulated more than 12M streams in the US, taking the N°1 spot on Spotify‘s Global Viral Chart. That’s Success. He also received prestigious praise from The New York Times for his live performance at the Eurovision, and another one from The Guardian calling it haunting. Yes, we know. We’re all wowed.

We kindly remind you that Duncan Laurence is back with Worlds On Fire… and that you can stream and buy it on every legal platform!

What about you then? Did you watch Duncan’s live performance last year at the Eurovision Song Contest? Did you follow his career? And did you like the last EP? Let us know at @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter or visit us on Facebook!



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