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Rita Wilson Looks Back To Her Mother For Inspiration

Rita Wilson Looks Back To Her Mother For Inspiration

Rita Wilson is here making us a new track called ‘Where’s My Country Song?’. She’s been recovering from COVID-19 but that hasn’t stopped her. If anything it lit a fire in her soul. While resting up she’s been posting clips on Instagram rapping. She’s an inspiration and that inspiration doesn’t stop there. This song is for us.

‘Where’s My Country Song?’

And by that we mean women. Besides doing things like going make up free and being courageously her this song does just that. It’s meant to uplift and honors the women working behind the scenes. Dedicated to the old school call operators and nurses, the 50s and 60s (and maybe even earlier) are featured in this video. While it’s not exactly a music video it is a creatively done lyric video with archived footage AKA old public use footage.

The Inspiration

My mom was a homemaker. She worked hard and sacrificed, never complaining. She showed me there was honor in her work, whether it was cooking, cleaning, sewing, or caring for her children. Women understand the experience of taking pride in what they do. ‘Where’s My Country Song?’ is about women who are single parents, who work more than one job, who care for aging parents, or go to school to get a degree, all while balancing the challenges of their daily lives. We see them everywhere, going about their lives with quiet dignity. This song is for them.

Rita Wilson

So take that and put a modern spin on it and we get a song for all the women. The working women, the women who take charge of their lives. The song comes from a good sentimental place. The vocals are light and delicate and honestly to die for. All of it coming from a woman who quite frankly does it all whether it’s acting, singing, philanthropy, or producing films. Rita Wilson promotes standing up, working hard, and accomplishing things that make us all feel good inside. It’s a worthwhile message.

What do you think? Were you inspired? Feel like you can do anything you set your mind to? Well let us know, don’t be shy, comment below, or talk to us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source : Rita Wilson’s PR Team

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