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From Country to Pop, Haven Makes a Home in the Music World

From Country to Pop, Haven Makes a Home in the Music World


Starting big, Haven was already touring the country with big-name country stars like Toby Keith and Lady Antebellum at 15 years old. And now, the singer-songwriter is showing the pop side of her country heart as she ventures out on tour with Dinah Jane, a former member of Fifth Harmony, and Agnez Mo.

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If you have TikTok, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard her viral hit, ‘Swimming In Your Feelings,’ that reached over 12 million users, with the help of the #SwimmingInYourFeelingsChallenge, and even went #6 on the Radio Disney Top Songs chart! 

Still unsure where you know Haven from? Well, if you follow Selena Gomez on Instagram, Haven might just look a little familiar as she was recently on Gomez’ IGTV singing along to her single that came out in February, ‘Be With You.’

Want to get to know Haven even better? You just got your lucky chance, as we got to talk to her about her blossoming career, upcoming tour, and her newest single, ‘Sad & Successful.’

The Interview

You started your career at a young age and are very connected to country music, what was the turning point that made you decide to transition into pop?

Growing up in Moville, Iowa, the majority of the music I listened to was country music. I wasn’t exposed to much pop until I moved to Nashville actually. Once I started listening to more pop, it opened up a whole new world of music and melodies for me. Over time I started writing more pop-leaning songs. I knew I wanted to do pop, but everyone I knew around me was in the country music business so I felt kind of lost. Last April my publishing company sent me on a writing trip to LA and I did a week full of pop sessions. The pop melodies flowed out of me naturally and I knew that’s the music I was supposed to be making but I was kind of in a weird in-between sonically. My publisher introduced me to my now manager Brian Teefey on that LA trip and long story short he started helping me make the pop transition and developing me as an artist. So now about a year and a half later, we’re releasing the music and I couldn’t be more excited!

When an artist starts at such a young age it probably goes along with a support system, who were your people during that time?

Yes! I’m so thankful I have the most supportive family in the world. They have supported me and have gone above and beyond to help me chase my dreams. I also am thankful for my management team. They’re like my second fam when I’m away from home and an amazing support system. I am surrounded by so many beautiful people. Very thankful!

You once said you hope to utilize both your music and your voice as a source of light. Also, with your health history and your passion for charities, have you ever wanted to pursue a career in music therapy?

Yes! Music healed me and I truly believe in the healing power of music. That is definitely something I want to pursue!

Can you tell us who was your biggest musical inspiration when you first started out?

Shania Twain has always been my #1 inspiration. Her concert was the first concert I ever went to. I love her!

Photo: Storm Santos

‘Be With You’ quickly hit the charts with success. What’s the one feeling that comes to mind when releasing new material?

Honestly pure excitement. I’ve been in sessions for so long and have been so patient. When people get to finally hear what I’ve been working on it’s very exciting for me.

What’s a typical recording session like? Can you walk us through your process?

My creative process is different every time, but I would say most of the time I start with some chords and sing melodies over those chords, the lyrics usually come with how the music is feeling. Some other times I’ll have lyrics written out and that comes first as well, but most of the time its melodies for me.

Any good memory from any of the big tours you’ve been on that you want to share with your fans?

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I think the most memorable place I’ve played so far is the Iowa State Fair Grandstand opening for Lady Antebellum. As an Iowa girl that was always my dream stage haha.

You will be joining Agnez Mo as a guest on Dinah Jane’s tour. How are you preparing for it? Any special vocal coaching, exercises, or rehearsals?

Yes! I’m SO EXCITED! I’ve been rehearsing, definitely exercising trying to get my cardio back up lol.

Tell us about your new single ‘Sad & Successful’.

My latest single ‘Sad & Successful’ is probably the most personal song I’ve written and released. I was in a writing session in LA and my family was celebrating my dad’s birthday in Nashville. They were sending me videos and I was feeling homesick and creatively drained. I remember just thinking.. is me being here in this studio worth being away from the people I love?… like at the end of the day when I’m successful will all of this be worth it? The song poured out of me and my producer was actually recording me watching the videos from my family so at the end of the song you can hear my mom say “We love you Kelsey” (which is my real name) and it’s just so special to me. Obviously, I love what I do, I love my team and LA so much, but sometimes you just have those moments of being homesick and I think we definitely captured that. It took a few hours to complete, but months to finally release it. So, I’m so excited for it to finally be out!!

Watch the lyric video for ‘Sad & Successful’ and let us know your favorite Haven song so far in the comments below or tweet us @thehoneypop.

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