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John Legend’s ‘Bigger Love’ is out soon — we love that.

John Legend’s ‘Bigger Love’ is out soon — we love that.

‘Cause all of us, love all of him, we’re buzzing to announce that John Legend‘s Bigger Love will be out soon — on June 19th, more precisely. The new album will feature his latest single and title track ‘Bigger Love’, and previous hit singles ‘Actions’ and ‘Conversations in The Dark’. Fans are ecstatic about this new content (so are we). Indeed, John Legend’s last album A Legendary Christmas had been released in December 2018. Let us tell you more about this upcoming record!

Bigger Love, the album

John Legend's 'Bigger Love' is out soon
Featured Image Source: Cover of Bigger Love, the album, courtesy of Edge Ent.

What do we already know about Bigger Love? Well, first thing that comes in mind is that it’s going to be one of the biggest albums of the year in the pop music industry. As previously mentioned, it will feature 16 tracks, including ‘Actions’ (praised by Billboard for its different meanings), and US #1 song ‘Conversations In The Dark’, called a “tear-jerker” by MTV. Now that you’re up to date about Bigger Love, we’re sure you’ll want to be the first one to get your hands on it. And guess what? You can already pre-order it here before it drops on June 19th. Amazing, isn’t it?

‘Bigger Love’, but make it a single and a music video

John Legend's 'Bigger Love' is out soon
Featured Image Source: Cover of ‘Bigger Love’, the album, courtesy of Edge Ent.

On his way to releasing his new album, John Legend also shared his brand new single. It’s also his title track, ‘Bigger Love‘, and its official video premiered on The Voice.

‘Bigger Love is a dancefloor-ready pop song… that exudes jubilance even in these tough times.’

Rolling Stones

The video is a proper symbol of humanity that will warm up your heart. That is to say, it’s composed of dozens of fan videos filming their daily life. Some of them try to stay in touch with their family during lockdown, help others out, or just find time for a dance break. To sum it up: it’s full of love, positive vibes, and cool energy. If that doesn’t put a smile back on your face…

A reminder of John’s legend

John Legend's 'Bigger Love' is out soon
Featured Image Source: John Legend, courtesy of Edge Ent.

It makes no doubt that John Legend rings a bell in your mind. He is that guy who made you cry back in 2013 and haunted your Spotify history with his hit ‘All Of Me’. But he’s got many more achievements to showcase. First of all, he’s an EGOT winner. What does that mean? To put it simply, the man has 11 Grammy Awards, an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, a Tony Award and a Golden Globe Award, and therefore became the first African-American man to earn an EGOT. He also released 6 more albums before his upcoming one. Secondly, he’s involved in The Voice and he contributed to the Executive production of many films including La La Land. And end it with his philanthropist activity that brought him to launch the #FREEAMERICA campaign in 2015 to raise awareness about the USA’s misguided criminal justice. We are: fans.

John Legend's 'Bigger Love' is out soon
Featured GIF source: Gfycat

We hope we brought some more info to you about our lovely guy and his latest news. Friendly reminder that John Legend’s Bigger Love is out soon, on June 19th, and that you can preorder it anytime till then!

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Did you know about the release already? Are you excited about it? Have you been waiting for the new album and have you preordered it yet? Let us know at @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook!


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