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How To Get Ready For The NCT 127 Online Concert

How To Get Ready For The NCT 127 Online Concert

Like many of our favorite artists, unfortunately, we won’t be able to see NCT 127 on tour this year. However, the boys will be performing their Beyond LIVE concert for all of us to enjoy. We’ve come up with ways to make sure you are ready for the online experience, so grab your lightstick, call a friend, and get ready to ‘Kick It’ (pun intended). 

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Dress To Impress (And Have Fun With It)

Even though you aren’t going out for this concert, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Whether it be wearing your favorite piece of NCT merch, putting on some fun makeup, or even wearing your favorite comfortable pair of pajamas, have fun with your outfit. Got some glitter laying around? Put it on! Have a shirt with Jungwoo or Taeil on it? Wear it! Do your pajamas just happen to be bright green? A perfect coincidence. In whatever way you want to get yourself ready for this show, do it and enjoy it!

Pass The Popcorn

You don’t want to miss a second of the performance, especially since they will be a camera for each boy you can choose from, so make sure you have some of your favorite snacks and drinks ready to consume. As known for all concerts, it is important to stay hydrated, and we suspect you’ll be dancing around your house as the boys perform, just the same as you would at the venue, so make sure you take care of yourselves before and during the show!

Make Your Own Audience

While the boys will have 160 chosen fans on the screens in front of them for a virtual audience, you can make your audience at home. Call up your best friends on FaceTime or Zoom and create a chat to enjoy the concert together. You will also be able to comment on the livestream and send the boy’s hearts and specially made virtual stickers. You might also have your comment read by one of the boys, so make sure you are sending the boys some extra love. While not the same as being together in person, you can all still sing along to the concert and discuss the first performance of the boys’ new lead single, ‘Punch.’ 

Set The Mood

Make sure you have a backup pair of batteries because one way that NCT 127 is having fans get involved is to sync their lightsticks at home with the performance. But don’t worry if you don’t have a lightstick, as many fans don’t. You can still set the tone for the show with your photocards, slogans, even any handmade signs you want to make to get the full concert experience. Take fun photos with them and share with the group how you are getting ready for the concert. 

The concert starts at 11PM PST (May 16), so make sure you have your stream ready to go, and you have everything you need to get the most out of this concert event. NCT 127 always put on a show, and we know this one will be iconic!

Will you be tuning into 127’s concert? What songs do you hope they perform? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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