Indie-Pop Kings The 1975 Are Back with Tear-Jerker Track ‘Guys’

Indie-Pop Kings The 1975 Are Back with Tear-Jerker Track ‘Guys’

If like us, you’re counting down the days until The 1975 drop their album ‘Notes On A Conditional Form’ then you’re in luck! To tide all of us over, they’ve just released their latest single ‘Guys’. 

The track is full of soft harmonies, guitars, and synths that make up The 1975’s quintessential sound. While the lyrics make up a tear-jerking ode from Matty Healy to his bandmates. Now we all love it because it’s a beautiful ball of *emotion* wrapped up in a shiny bow, what’s not to love?

The 1975 release 'Guys'
Jenn Five/NME

If you were lucky enough to catch them on tour earlier in the year, you’d have already heard this song that quickly became a fan favourite in their set. 

But since live shows are virtually non-existent at this point, here at The Honey Pop we’re all blasting it from our speakers and reminiscing. Most of us don’t have our own bands but when we’re all feeling a bit cut off from our friends this song has helped us and we hope it helps you too, even if it’s just a little bit.

If ‘Guys’ has tickled your fancy, you can find more news on The 1975 here!

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