Katy Perry Danses in ‘Daisies’ (and We Love This)

Katy Perry Danses in ‘Daisies’ (and We Love This)

Our favourite Mum-to-be is back with a brand new single, and an album on its way. While KP5 is expected by the KatyCats (KP5 being the nickname for Katy’s yet-untitled fifth album), the pop star released her new single ‘Daisies’ on May 14th. In addition to the track, she also shared its music video, that premiered on YouTube on the same day… In which Katy Perry danses in ‘Daisies‘ (pun very much intended). We’re letting you know everything about the exciting news below!

‘Daisies’, Meaningful Lyrics and Poetic Music Video

What is the new single all about, then? First of all, the song got produced by some big names in the music industry: The Monsters & Strangers, also known as Zedd, Halsey, and Maroon 5. The lyrics highlight the resilience of the human spirit against scepticism and duality. A brilliant reminder to remain on the path you set up, and stay true to yourself even when everyone around thinks you’re wrong. Relatable to each and every listener, which makes it even better. The music video is as much as a masterpiece as the song itself. Katy Perry performs in fields of daisies and an amazing natural environment, caught on tape with every safety measure by Liza Voloshin. A special online flower shop called Katy’s Daisies has been created for the fans to share virtual bouquets and messages to their loved ones.

Katy All Around

Today, May 15th, Katy performed live from home and answered fan-submitted questions for Amazon’s Music Live Performance series. Consequently, she sang some of the fan-favourites songs and her new single ‘Daisies’ for the first time live. But the choice of the platform is not random. Indeed, Katy picked Amazon Music to raise awareness to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund. Finally, she will be performing ‘Daisies’ on the American Idol season finale next Sunday.

Katy Perry danses in 'Daisies'
Featured Image Source: Katy Perry by Liza Voloshin, Courtesy of Capitol Records

In Case You Need to Know More About Katy…

In case you needed a reminder, Katy Perry is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. After 12 years of a successful career, 40 billion streams and 45 million albums sold worldwide, she is undeniably a pop icon. Four of her music videos reached 1 billion views on YouTube. Therefore, her 2015 Super Bowl performance is the highest-rated in the history of the event. A legend, isn’t she? Aside from this huge musical success, Katy is also involved in lots of charities and actions. In 2013, she became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and traveled the world to meet children and bring a smile back on their faces by her commitment. She helped girls and teenagers ill with AIDS/HIV and never stopped to put her voice to good use when it came to major topics. She received the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award in 2016.

Katy Perry danses in 'Daisies'
Featured Image Source: Katy Perry by Liza Voloshin, Courtesy of Capitol Records

We hope we brought you a lot of new info about our girl in this article! Friendly reminder that Katy Perry danses in ‘Daisies’ and that the song is out for you to stream and watch!

So, are you excited about KP5? Did you listen to ‘Daisies’ already? Did you enjoy the music video? Let us know at @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook!



Featured Header Source: Cover of ‘Daisies’ Liza Voloshin, Courtesy of Capitol Records

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