The Killers Have a Few ‘Bones’ To Pick About

The Killers Have a Few ‘Bones’ To Pick About

The Killers have started up a new little series on YouTube called Watch This. In this series of videos, the bandmates Brandon and Ronnie take a look at some of their most iconic music videos and give their thoughts. Let’s see what they have to say about ‘Bones’.


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This week is ‘Bones’ but last week the band kicked it off with ‘Mr. Brightside’. We gotta admit that one is the classic, it’s no wonder it was the first Watch This to show. That was two weeks ago and since then we’ve received two more with ‘Bones’ being the latest. Give it a watch and put your thinking caps on. Step into the shoes of a director and find out just what kind of detail and mayhem goes into the music videos we get to see and grow to love.

Two words define the action. Tim. Burton. The feature film surrealist was behind the camera here. and the guy reveal how it was to work with the maestro. Stay close, we’ll be sharing more ‘Watch This’ chats with Brandon and Ronnie soon.

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The next video comes out on May 18th. Gear up and catch up if you haven’t already.

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