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Here Are The Best Theories About BigHit’s Mysterious Countdown…

Here Are The Best Theories About BigHit’s Mysterious Countdown…

Despite this year being quite a unique experience for us all, BTS are ensuring they are staying close and connected with the ARMY by feeding us with so much content that it’s like an all-you-can-eat Bangtan buffet! We’ve had regular VLIVEs, live logs of the members working on their next album, plus so much Weverse interaction that we get more notifications from them than any of our friends and family! But just when you think that’s enough, BigHit Entertainment has been sending fans into a frenzy by posting a mysterious countdown. Queue detective ARMYs getting down to business…

BigHit BTS Countdown 2020
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Every day since Saturday at 11AM EST, BigHit have been posting a black background with the letter D and a number.

BigHit is home to both BTS and TXT. There was the possibility of it relating to TXT due to their current comeback, but when the BTS account retweeted it, that eliminated their juniors meaning that all eyes are on the Bangtan Boys once more. One thing that must be known is that if there is something to work out, the BTS ARMY will get to work and do everything they can to crack the code.

As ARMY ourselves, we’ve been following along as the mastermind stans got to work and reading all the theories. Here’s some of the ones we are loving and hope it could be…


Fans have been hoping and praying for Suga’s alter ego Agust D to drop his second mixtape for a long time now, and back in season 4 of BTS: Bon Voyage, he told his fellow members that the production of his next mixtape was done, before stating on their New Year’s Eve VLIVE that it was originally going to come out in 2019. On a recent VLIVE, her told fans not to expect it anytime soon. Was Yoongi saying this to throw us off, before dropping it? Or is he actually really still working hard to perfect it?

Another member’s mixtape

The mixtape theory doesn’t stop there. Many fans are thinking that possibly Jungkook is ready to drop his first mixtape. Back on his last birthday, the Golden Maknae posted a demo of an original song, ‘Decalcomania’, on Twitter, before later the same month hinting he had plans to release a mixtape before again addressing it during an interview on Ask Anything with Most Requested Live. Over half a year later, could we finally be blessed with JJK1?

But Jungkook isn’t the only suspect of being behind the mysterious countdown, with assumptions of pretty much all the members preparing to drop their own solo music. V recently mentioned on a VLIVE with Suga that he was working on songs for his mixtape as well as music for BTS, so it’s no wonder that people are backing the KTH1 theory!

The Festa announcement

For those unaware, BTS host what’s known as ‘Festa’ every year to celebrate their anniversary with ARMY, where we are treated to so much content, it’s like Christmas! It’s around the end of May that the schedule of the Festa is announced, so many fans believe this could be what the big announcement is. However, some eagle-eyed ARMY pointed out in the past, it is the BTS account which makes these announcements and not BigHit, meaning that this conclusion is highly unlikely… unless BigHit decided to switch it up this year?

A New Game

Our boys really do put out a lot of content. Having already put out several games including BTS World and Puzzle Star BT21, it is stated that the group is set to release another game on mobile in 2020. With the game BTS Superstar closing down, could this be the preparation for the new game to be dropped?

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A Music Video

While the Bangtan boys are already working on their next album, it doesn’t mean that Map of the Soul: 7 is done and dusted. The Japanese edition will be dropping on July 15th, which is set to include four new songs: ‘Intro: Calling’, ‘Stay Gold’, ‘Your Eyes Tell’, and ‘Outro: Journey’. With May rapidly coming to an end, there’s a possibility that a music video – either for a pre-existing MOTS7 song or a new one from the upcoming release – will be getting a music video, giving us a taste of the new album to get us excited.

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We have no actual confirmation as to whether any of these theories are even close to the truth, but what we do know is that we are so whipped for BTS that we’re checking in every day at the same time to see the next countdown image and getting ready to read through theories. We’re sure that the boys and BigHit are enjoying seeing us all try and work out what’s going on with pretty much nothing to go by!

What do you think the countdown is for? Have you seen any really good theories about what to expect? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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