No Vuelvas A Mirar Atrás, Look Forward to Alaina Castillo

No Vuelvas A Mirar Atrás, Look Forward to Alaina Castillo

We are sure you all have heard ‘No Vuelvas A Mirar Atrás’, the Spanish version of Alaina Castillo’s song ‘Pass You By’. If you haven’t you’re seriously missing out! ALSO she just recently released a music video for the single!

It’s All About The Lyrics

In the MV, Alaina is standing in front of changing light as she sings hard-hitting lyrics “No esperes, corazón Nada mas de él”. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of props to make a good music video. You just need enough where the viewer is still entangled in the lyrics.

no vuelvas a mirar atrás’ is a song about forgiving and living in the moment. It’s a simple message that means a lot to whoever needs to hear it, so we did a video that has a simple beauty to it so the message of the song can continue to be heard.

– Alaina Castillo

New EP

The video comes just ahead of the release of the Spanish version of her The Voicenotes EP, titled Mensajes De Voz. Set for release May 22nd, make sure to presave it so you can be all set!. Where, as you guessed it, she will be covering all the songs on her original EP in Spanish. Which we are very excited about because we all need more sad Spanish songs in our lives.

What do you think about the music video? Are you excited to listen to the new EP? Tell us in the comments down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop.

Do you want to read our first coverage on No Vuelvas A Mirar Atrás We got you covered!

To Learn More About Alaina Castillo:

Featured Image Source: Alaina Castillo YouTube Channel

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