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Zheani’s Softer Side Is Pretty Killer

Zheani’s Softer Side Is Pretty Killer

Zheani. The artist and rapper from the country down under. She’s known for combining rap with elements of industrial metal. You may have taken a glance at her from one of our Weekly Rap-Ups. This time she walks us into the softer side of her artistry. Giving us a closer look at all the things Zheani is capable of, there is plenty of the musician we know and love but with a new twist.

‘Dirt On The Name Of Steven’

This song is very melodic. A steady flow keeping us on point yet we’re vibing. This song holds the spot of single number two off her unreleased EP. The flow is fast with blow after blow from the past. Zheani spits out her childhood like it was merely a sequence of events but the raw bluntness of each item as it passes her lips hits us. It hurts because it seems like she has been hurt in the past. How can a person grow through this? We’re not sure but she prevailed.

"Always thought I was better, my momma calls me judgemental
Thats why I’m not sentimental
And the past I have left it behind
But the guilt it is still on my mind
At the funeral I couldn’t cry
I rap this shit with tears in my eyes (Yah)"

Liked Tweet via Zheani Twitter

People love it for the raw sincerity. No punches are held back. The story is painted vividly in black. We could go on and on but this work of art speaks for herself. All of this starting with ‘Dirt On The Name Of Steven’.

For many years after his death I suppressed memories of my father and our relationship. In contrast to all the other adult men from my childhood he was intelligent and spiritual. This gentleness was often a topic of ridicule in an environment where the rough, heavy handed and bad men ruled. However he was also deeply flawed with an incapacity to finish anything he started and a predilection towards addiction and depression. The last time he called me I stubbornly refused to answer the phone. At his funeral I couldn’t bring myself to cry. On “Dirt on the Name of Steven” I rap about him, I rap about men and about memories of a world I have left far behind but can’t untangle from the web of who I am.


EP May 29th

You heard us right. While this song is the second off the EP we have at least ten days to go until we hear the full thing. While you wait you can grab merch or listen again to ‘Dirt On The Name Steven’. Zheani has a love for dark, spooky, yet colorful accents. We are 100% down with her style so excuse us while we blow some extra cash… yikes!

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