Harry Hudson Released ‘Give Up On Us,’ But We’ll Never Give Up On Harry

Harry Hudson Released ‘Give Up On Us,’ But We’ll Never Give Up On Harry

Harry Hudson is such an inspiring musician. He’s gotten through a lot and now uses music to inspire and help others. He released ‘Give Up On Us,’ a song making us happy to have new music from Harry! He’s released other new songs recently, too, including one of our faves, ‘Let Me.’ Having new music from artists we love is so important right now as it’s helping us get through this life, and this song has already brought us a lot of peace with it just being out for a few days.

‘Give Up On Us’

‘Give Up On Us’ is a folk-pop acoustic song that feels like surrender, knowing that your relationship can’t get better so you’re leaving the situation. Accepting things as they are and accepting things won’t be good if you stay. His tender, emotional voice singing over a stripped-down guitar feels so peaceful like he knows the storm that was the relationship is over and he can move on to better things.

Listen to the song here, and you can check out the audio for the song on YouTube below!

As you can hear, the song is so good. It might just be one of our favorite songs out right now, as we love the lyrics, the voice, and the music of the song.

Are you as in love with ‘Give Up On Us’ and Harry Hudson’s vocals as we are? Let us know by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured image source: Cover art for ‘Give Up On Us’

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