Quiz: NCT 127 Give A Powerful Punch With Their New Single!

Quiz: NCT 127 Give A Powerful Punch With Their New Single!

The repackaged album NCT #127: Neo Zone: The Final Round dropped this week. This happened just before the release of the powerful music video for the NCT 127 lead single ‘Punch’, which the group performed at their online concert last weekend! Check out the futuristic themed video for Punch below!

The Beyond LIVE Concert was extremely successful, totaling over 104,000 viewers in 129 Countries! It was a jampacked and exciting event, streamed directly on the VLIVE platform. The hashtag #NCT127_BeyondLIVE was Twitter’s No. 1 trend worldwide and in countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, and Peru. Incredible!

The repackaged album features 4 new tracks! ‘Punch’, ‘NonStop’, ‘Prelude: Neo Zone’ and, ‘Make Your Day’. There are two physical versions of the album, each with unique packaging, photos, and other content. The physical albums will be released June 12 in the U.S so look forward to it!

Track Listing – The 2nd Album Repackage ‘NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round’

  1. Punch*
  2. NonStop*
  3. Prelude*
  4. Kick It
  5. Boom
  6. Pandora’s Box
  7. Day Dream
  8. Make Your Day*
  9. Interlude: Neo Zone
  10. MAD DOG
  11. Sit Down!
  12. Love Me Now
  13. Love Song
  14. White Night
  15. Not Alone
  16. Dreams Come True
  17. Elevator (127F)

How much were you paying attention to the music video? Test your knowledge below!

Neocity Nct127_To_The_World Sticker by NCT 127 for iOS & Android ...
Source: Giphy

What do you remember from the 'Punch' MV?

What prop did Jaehyun have?

1. Baseball Bat
2. Cricket Bat
3. Basketball
4. Boxing Gloves

Where did the dance break take place?

1. Ice Rink
2. Fighting Ring
3. White Room
4. Blue Room

How many outfits did Johnny wear in the video?

1. 5
2. 4
3. 2
4. 3

How many spotlights were seen at the start of the video?

1. 14
2. 10
3. 11
4. 13

How long was the dance break?

1. 30 seconds
2. 25 seconds
3. 20 seconds
4. 15 seconds

What colour background was behind Taeil during his first verse?

1. Black
2. Red
3. Blue
4. Orange

What colour jackets did the members wear during the dance break?

1. Red
2. Black
3. Yellow
4. Orange

What colour was Taeyong's hair?

1. Red
2. Orange
3. Blonde
4. Pink

Who was in the centre at the end of the video?

1. Jungwoo
2. Taeyong
3. Jaehyun
4. Yuta

Who was the first member shown on their own, near the start of the video?

1. Taeyong
2. Jaehyun
3. Mark
4. Johnny

All 10 questions completed!

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What do you remember from the 'Punch' MV?

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What were your results? What did you love about the music video? Which of the new tracks are your favourite?? You can share your results with us in the comments below or @TheHoneyPop!

To learn more about NCT 127:

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[…] NCT 127 returns with their intense repackage album, NCT #127 Neo Zone: The Final Round, with a changed up style and 4 new tracks. The album launches into it’s fascinating new title, ‘Punch,’ who’s unpredictable and unique structure prepares us for the emotional roller-coaster this album will take us on! Their new tracks, ‘Nonstop,’ and ‘Prelude’ give us a taste of NCT’s unusual, experimental side. NCTzen are also blessed with beautiful vocals and harmonies in the new ballad, ‘Make Your Day’. This comeback has certainly been their strongest so far! […]

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