Volumes Give Us A Reason To See This Through With New Video For ‘Pixalte’

Volumes Give Us A Reason To See This Through With New Video For ‘Pixalte’

Our favorite “groove metal” band is back with a super special release. Volumes is saving our minds from the Covid-19 Crisis, as the group comes back with even more super riffs, breakdowns, and heavenly dual vocals—some of the best the scene has ever seen. Truthfully, we think we deserve it after Michael Barr’s five-year absence. Progressive metal-core delivered for us to slam dance until our little metal hearts are fulfilled.

The official video for Volumes’ new song ‘Pixelate’ has dropped, and we are left in awe once again.

Check it out here:

Coinciding with perfect timing, this song generates thought about the world’s infatuation with social media. The band tells us, “The song is about consuming and ingesting too much social media and news”. Explaining, “It’s about the negative influence that these platforms, applications, and publications have on us today.

We were certainly blessed with Volumes song ‘holywater’ and are positively sure that we’ll be seeing and absolutely diggin’ what the band has in store for us as the year continues. Stay tuned because THP will be covering this band as much as we can, because well, they are too damn SICK. Embodying everything you could hope for as a band of this genre, 2020 is theirs.

Volumes Band Promo Picture
Image Source: Atom Splitter PR

Check out the single and let us know if you’re digging it by commenting down below or hitting us up on twitter @thehoneypop!

To Learn More About VOLUMES:

Featured Image Source: Volumes Official Twitter

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