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We’re Not Mad About Madchild’s New Single

We’re Not Mad About Madchild’s New Single

Madchild Mondays are back. Canadian rapper Madchild just dropped his new single, ‘DNA’ on May 18, marking the return of his much-beloved weekly series. The song was produced by Aliby, who’s known for his work with Machine Gun Kelly and Kid Ink. Let us assure you, the DNA of those two, on this song? Absolute fire.

Source: Madchild via YouTube

So let’s press play…

Clicking and jittering like loose threads of skeletal DNA (as seen in the cover art), the track opens with a hollow echo. As soon as Madchild jumps in, the bass drowns the clattering, and we’re left with a thundering, edgeless rhythm. Thank goodness for that – because his voice is about as sharp as we can handle.

Madchild’s static flow seizes up, then eases over the beat like he’s manipulating its very voltage. Calling out to his hometown, he raps, “You don’t want to cross the line/Vancouver emergency”. Honestly, we believe that his bars are the most dangerous ones to find yourselves behind.

A man behind bars, a reference to Madchild's lyrical bars.
Image Source: Tenor

His best cadence, though, is when he goes “all my lines are linear, lunatics in my lineage/Guardian of the Galaxy, a space raccoon/Face tattoo, Gucci plates and placemats, too”. He rides the beat like a domesticated DNA strand. Also, it’s clearly the best phrase to make into a t-shirt.

The space raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy mentioned in Madchild's lyrics for 'DNA'.
Image Source: Tenor

If you just can’t wait until next Madchild Monday to hear his next hit, you can check out our weekly rap discovery series, The Rap Up, here. Or, hit up our weekly series of genre-fluid bangers, Sweet Releases, here.

Finally, tell us your thoughts on ‘DNA’ – are you mad into it, as in totally down for it? Or mad, for real? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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