Here’s Why Fans Are Trying to Chart One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down’…

One Direction

Almost five years after One Direction’s hiatus began, their dedicated fans still keep on supporting them. As incredible as it is, 1D is still one of the most-streamed boybands on Spotify, with 18,247,928 monthly listeners. Pretty amazing, isn’t it? It’s a huge achievement already, considering no new music has been uploaded on their platforms since their last album Made In The A.M. in November 2015… But Directioners are on their way to make another special gift to the boys.

Nobody can drag Directioners down
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Indeed, they recently reached 1Billion views on their very first music video for ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. Seeing as nobody can drag Directioners down, they decided to launch a worldwide project. What for? To bring the ‘Drag Me Down’ music video to 1Billion views on YouTube for the band’s 10th anniversary on July 23rd. Wanna know how to get involved? We got you covered.

Nobody can drag Directioners down
Featured GIF Source: One Direction’s ‘One Way Or Another’ music video

One Direction fans are well known for being Internet legends (Wikipedia states that Stan Twitter was born in 2010. Coincidence? We don’t think so!) Not only did they break records back in the active days of the band, but they also launched worldwide projects. We’re sure you remember one of the biggest fan projects for ‘No Control’. (By the way, keep an eye out for a new mysterious one that will probably break Twitter!) This time, Directioners want to increase the Spotify and iTunes streams of ‘Drag Me Down’ for the single to be back in the charts on time for the boys’ 10th anniversary! If you want to get involved, a special Twitter account has been created in order to reach the goal. You can follow it here!

Nobody can drag Directioners down
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Fans have been ecstatic ever since Liam evoked the first ‘anniversary projects’ on television. All of the boys answered questions about upcoming projects to celebrate 10 years since the band started, and theories popped up from everywhere. Louis has since threatened Liam to egg his house if he didn’t stop bringing the topic up! Mood, though.

Directioners are still 100% sure the guys have a surprise coming their way… And wish to gift them back 1B views on the ‘Drag Me Down’ music video that currently has 853M. You can help by watching the video here!

Nobody can drag Directioners down
Image Source: GIPHY

Here at THP, we love seeing fans unite altogether to help each others out! And since nobody can drag Directioners down, we’re positive they’ll reach their goal by July 23rd! Consequently, it all feels like a good ol’ throwback and we live for that.

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What about you? Are you buzzing about the upcoming 10th anniversary? Will you try and give the song a few views and streams? Are you excited about reaching the aim? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Featured Image Source: One Direction via YouTube

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