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A Brief Run-Through of Seventeen’s Hit The Road eps. 1-4

A Brief Run-Through of Seventeen’s Hit The Road eps. 1-4

We finally started up the Hit The Road docuseries! BTW yes, we cried.

Episode 01: So That You Can Walk Comfortably

Okay so the first episode is primarily about Woozi. We are show how much he cares about the production, not only about building the albums, but also the concerts sound. He really helps pull the whole concert together. I mean come on if you are a Carat, we already know how much of a hard worker Woozi is. Still it is nice to see people commend him and actually see how much work he puts in and the process.

Episode 02: Speed Isn’t All That Matters

Second episode let’s go!. It opens up right away with Wonwoo admitting that he doesn’t know why fans like him, but come on what isn’t there to love about him?!. He discusses himself being more of an introvert and liking his alone time, but admits that the group really help him come out of his shell. During the beginning of the concert, Wonwoo almost faints from hyperventilating but doesn’t want to disappoint fans, so he goes back on. We love your dedication, but please we need you healthy Wonwoo.

Episode 03: On An Unfamiliar Path

At the end of last episode we are shown our fearless leader, S. Coups being helped into a van(it ended up being both him and Jeonghan). He talks about exactly how he felt and how he could feel the anxiety increasing. He also talked about his relationship with rest of the group and how it’s improved and he likes it. There is no need for you to apologize S. Coups, we care more about your health, mentally and physically.

Episode 04: At The End Of This Road

Much like the rest, every episode is about one member, this one is Hoshi’s. We learn that what Dino had before (enteritis) is what Hoshi believes has now as well, they say it happens when they’re stressed. We are also shown Jeonghan who is back, but taking it easy. The members discuss basically how Hoshi is an outgoing person(aka called him insane). He talks about how he gains all the energy before stepping out on stage. We always feel the love and hard work you give us.

Some of our fav tweets of the week

From what we can tell each Hit The Road ep will be a little over 10 minutes. Two episodes will be releasing on their respective days, Tuesday and Thursday KST. We are already getting more insight on SVT, we can’t wait for what is still to come!.

Are you enjoying the Hit The Road docuseries, what has been your fav part so far? How many times have you cried? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop. Are you craving more KPOP news we got you covered!.

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