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Quiz: D-2 drops with a Daechwita MV! Are you more like Agust D, Suga or Yoongi?

Quiz: D-2 drops with a Daechwita MV! Are you more like Agust D, Suga or Yoongi?

After much anticipation – since the previous release in 2016 – Suga returns has returned with his second Agust D mixtape D-2, with a music video for Daechwita. Unveiling the truth behind the mysterious countdown teasers posted on official social channels over the past few days. ARMY had several different theories and have been anticipating this release for a long time.

It started with D-7, first hinting at the release via Big Hit’s social channel by uploading a photo. The blurred graphics spurred the curiosity of ARMY, even causing worldwide trends in Twitter! Hours after the last hint ‘D-2’, the mixtape finally dropped worldwide accompanied by a music video. Check out ‘Daechwita’ below!

The title track samples the traditional Korean military music ‘Daechwita’ and combines current trap beats with traditional Korean instruments. In the song, Agust D portrays himself as a tiger through a powerful and charismatic delivery.

The music video of ‘Daechwita’ boasts spectacular scale and intense scenes. Set in a royal palace, Agust D’s portrayal of two different characters and the sword dance carried out in Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) add to the splendour of the overall visual experience that catches the eye of the viewer.

The mixtape is now Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and Soundcloud! This marks his second mixtape since the 2016 release Agust D.

Yoongi’s first mixtape in 2016 attracted the spotlight of music fans with his meticulous musicality and candidness. In D-2, he takes the reigns once again, fully involved in the production, composition, songwriting and performance, documenting his life from when he first started doing music, up until his current emotional state.

The Tracklist

D-2 consists of 10 tracks including the title track ‘Daechwita’, ‘Moonlight’ that shows Agust D’s own interpretation of chang with a classic hip-hop vibe, trap/hip-hop song. ‘What do you think?’ raises a question centred on the accomplishments achieved so far.

‘Strange (feat. RM)’ points at the oddity of the current society, ’28 (feat. NiiHWA)’ belonging to the Hip-hop/R&B genre and ‘Burn It (feat. MAX)’ captivates the ear with powerful lead guitar sounds.

Trap/hip-hop song ‘People’, the dreamlike ‘Honsool’, ‘Interlude: Set me free’ of pop/brit rock genre and the modern rock ‘dear my friend (feat. Kim Jong Wan of NELL)’ fill the mixtape with a wide range of sounds and stories.

D-2 is incredible and there are so many things to love about Min Yoongi aka Agust D aka SUGA. Take our quiz below to find out which who you embody!

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Which Yoongi are you? What was your result? Did you spot all the references in the music video? What is your favourite track on D-2? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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