QUIZ: Which Version Of FLETCHER’s ‘Forever’ Are You? Original, Stripped, Or Remix?

QUIZ: Which Version Of FLETCHER’s ‘Forever’ Are You? Original, Stripped, Or Remix?

Okay, okay, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we’re huge fans of Fletcher. You can’t even imagine how happy we were when we heard that she was dropping a remix for ‘Forever,’ because that means more of hearing new music from our girl! She released it as a surprise with hardly any warning, and we feel blessed.

All we got at first was a quick tease that she had something special coming with SOPHIE, and then suddenly our ears and hearts were happy hearing the new remix of ‘Forever.’

We originally got ‘Forever’ over two months ago, back in March. She even gave us a stripped-down version of the song! In that time we were also awarded with hearing ‘Bitter,’ the long-time fan-favorite we all begged to hear the full version of. The fans were fed and happy, but Fletcher gave us even more with the ‘Forever’ SOPHIE Remix. Listen to the song here!

Which version of ‘Forever’ Are You?

Now that we’ve got a version that has us jamming along and dancing (more than before), we’re having the time of our lives every single listen. Plus, it’s so fitting for the lyrics in the song, “I wanna be young and party.” Because this song, especially the remix, definitely makes us want to party!

Now it’s got us wondering, which version fits our style more? The hot original version, the beautiful acoustic stripped version, or the SOPHIE remix that makes us all happy and want to dance? Take the quiz below and find out which version you are!

[wp_quiz id=”40575″]

Did you get your favorite version? Did Fletcher impress you with all three versions of ‘Forever’ like she impressed us? Let us know by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!


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