Sinéad Harnett is Our ‘Quarantine Queen’

Sinéad Harnett is Our ‘Quarantine Queen’

Sinéad Harnett has just released her new song, ‘Quarantine Queen’ 👑, and we are loving it! The London R&B singer has even given her fans a music video for the smooth new track. Check it out!

The music video for ‘Quarantine Queen’ was completely DIY! Sinéad wrote, recorded, directed, and edited the entire video completely on her own. The inspiration behind the song is a unique perspective on the effects of the current state of the world. Harnett opens up to describe her fear of a world ending in front of her eyes before she has had the chance to truly experience love.

Sinéad gives us a vulnerable look into her emotional state with lyrics like, “I’m afraid that I ain’t done enough,” and “if we go up above I never learned how to love.” We love that she doesn’t shy away from fear during a time that is scary for many people. The honesty in her lyrics and the openness we see in her home are just two parts of what makes this song and music video so great. If you love music that makes you feel something, you’ll love this song.

Sinéad released the acoustic version of her album Lessons in Love earlier this year. The album includes break out hit ‘If You Let Me,’ which has over 63 million streams on Spotify! We have a feeling she’s going to be bringing us some new breakout songs this year. Make sure to keep an eye out for this queen.

What’s your favorite song by Sinéad Harnett? Let us know in the comments or online on Facebook or Twitter at @TheHoneyPop! Hopefully she’ll give us a new DIY video soon!


Featured Image Source: Sinéad Harnett via Twitter

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