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To ‘Melt’ Or Not To ‘Melt’? That Is The Question

To ‘Melt’ Or Not To ‘Melt’? That Is The Question

‘Melt’ by Twin XL might not be Hamlet, but the quote still stands. “To be or not to be that is the question”. We think that the old school quote can vibe with the situation presented in Twin XL‘s latest song. The trio is still going at it even in quarantine, so let’s give in and listen.


‘Melt’ Twin XL

The music is fun and has a pre-summertime vibe, and the lyrics are performed in a very laid back, dreamy manner. We’re in love and vibing to the tune, that is until we start listening to the song a little closer. Cue our Hamlet flashbacks. Crazy isn’t it? You’ve got to love the arts.

So like we were saying, in Hamlet’s soliloquy, it’s all about being stuck between two choices, of whether to deal with the situation or get rid of the thorn in his side, I;e his father’s killer. We all know how that decision goes, headlong dead on into madness. Now in this little song, we’re toning it down, but the situation could escalate to such severity. We’re talking relationships. Have you ever been in one? Then you’ll know what we’re talking about, That feeling of delving into a kind of madness.

"You can wreck my apartment
You can ruin my life
You can take my money
Kiss all of my friends goodbye"

Relationships can be messy, and we tend to lose ourselves in another person if we aren’t careful. In the end, letting them take over your life, leaving you wondering who you even are anymore. Like the lyrics above imply, nothing even matters anymore. Now we could go into some long analysis of Hamlet and turn this into an essay, but school is officially out. So we’ll leave it to Twin XL for the final take.

Our new single ‘Melt’ is about how much we lose ourselves in other people during relationships. We almost become unrecognizable. It’s about being so enamored with someone that they can do absolutely no wrong. One of my favorite lines in the song is ‘kiss all of my friends goodbye.

Cameron Walker-Wright


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