Quiz: Which Jonas Brothers Album Is Your Favorite?

Quiz: Which Jonas Brothers Album Is Your Favorite?

It’s been 14 years since the Jonas Brothers took the world by storm. Since then they’ve released five killer albums as the Jonas Brothers, written books, toured the world several times, broken up, reunited, and are once again dominating the pop charts.

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Despite not being able to tour, Kevin, Joe, and Nick have kept fans excited by releasing new music, teasing new albums, and hosting Instagram Live events. While all this is fun and exciting, all we really need to feel close to the boys is to listen to their albums. Which got us thinking, which of their 5 albums is our favorite?

Is it It’s About Time which reminds us just how young they were when they started? Or maybe it’s the self-titled Jonas Brothers album that launched their career and gave us some certified bops. But what about A Little Bit Longer, Lines, Vines and Trying Time, or the best reunion album ever, Happiness Begins? We just can’t choose!

Luckily for you we know a way that’ll make choosing your favorite Jonas Brothers album easier, you just have to take our quiz!

All you have to do is pick your favorite tracks and we’ll tell you which album is truly your favorite.

Sounds like fun right?

Well, then, what are you waiting for.

Let’s go!

Pick Your Favorite Jonas Brothers Tracks And We'll Tell You Which Album Is Your Fav

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With 5 amazing full-length albums, it can seem impossible to chose which Jonas Brothers album is your favorite. This quiz will answer the question once and for all. 

Pick Your Favorite Jonas Brothers Tracks And We'll Tell You Which Album Is Your Fav

Question 1 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. What I Go To School For

2. S.O.S

3. BB Good

4. World War III

5. Sucker

Question 2 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. Time For Me To Fly

2. Hold On

3. Burnin' Up

4. Paranoid

5. Cool

Question 3 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. Year 3000

2. Goodnight and Goodbye

3. Shelf

4. Fly With Me

5. Only Human

Question 4 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. One Day At A Time

2. That's Just The Way We Roll

3. One Man Show

4. Poison Ivy

5. I Believe

Question 5 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. 6 Minutes

2. Hello Beautiful

3. Lovebug

4. Hey Baby

5. Used To Be

Question 6 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. Mandy

2. Still In love With You

3. Tonight

4. Before The Storm

5. Every Single Time

Question 7 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. You Just Don't Know It

2. Australia

3. Can't Have You

4. What Did I Do To Your Heart

5. Don't Throw It Away

Question 8 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. I Am What I Am

2. Games

3. Video Girl

4. Much Better

5. Love Her

Question 9 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. Underdog

2. When You Look Me In The Eyes

3. Pushin' Me Away

4. Black Keys

5. Happy When I'm Sad

Question 10 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. 7:05

2. Inseparable

3. Sorry

4. Don't Charge Me For The Crime

5. Trust

Question 11 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. Please Be Mine

2. Just Friends

3. Got Me Going Crazy

4. Turn Right

5. Strangers

Question 12 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. Hollywood

2. A Little Bit Longer

3. Don't Speak

4. Hesitate

Question 13 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. Kids Of The Future

2. Live To Party

3. Keep It Real

4. Rollercoaster

Question 14 of 14.

Pick A Song

1. Take A Breath

2. Comeback

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All 14 questions completed!

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Pick Your Favorite Jonas Brothers Tracks And We'll Tell You Which Album Is Your Fav

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So, which Jonas Brothers album really is your favorite? Is it the one you thought it was? Were you completely surprised? Let us know everything by commenting below or by tweeting us  @TheHoneyPOP!

Did you have so much fun you want to take more quizzes? Check them out here. And make sure you take our 5sos quiz and One Direction quiz that will tell you what your favorite 5sos and 1D album is too!


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