QUIZ: Baekhyun’s New Album is Truly a “Delight”

QUIZ: Baekhyun’s New Album is Truly a “Delight”

The man with the golden pipes is back! Baekhyun, of EXO and SuperM, has released his 2nd solo mini-album, Delight, and it is everything we could ask for. The album showcases Baekhyun’s vocal range and how he continues to grow as a vocalist. Not even 24 hours after it’s release, Baekhyun is already breaking numerous records and topping charts around the world. 

Baekhyun’s album shows a perfect blend of R&B, but have you still finding hints of Pop throughout certain songs. There are upbeat songs, such as ‘Poppin’ that make you want to get up and dance, and songs such as ‘Underwater’ and ‘Bungee” that take it down a bit, getting you right in your feels. The album puts a smile on your face and is a welcomed gift during these times.  

Sweet As ‘Candy’

The lead track off of the album, ‘Candy,’ is the catchy R&B track we have playing on repeat. The music video fits the mood of the song and the album as a whole. There are pops of color that are pleasing to the eye, and the video also features some choreography as Baekhyun is accompanied by a talented troupe of dancers throughout that video. We, in a sense, see different parts of Baekhyun throughout this video. The bright colors and candy-filled scenery show that playfulness fans will know him for, as does the choreography from the chorus. But this is also met with more toned down backdrops, such as in the bridge the second verse, where we see Baekhyun embracing the suave persona that he is as able to pull off effortlessly. 

How much were you paying attention to the ‘Candy” music video? Test your knowledge with our quiz below! 

What Do You Remember From Baekhyun's 'Candy' Music Video?

Featured Image Source: SM Entertainment via Twitter

Baekhyun is back with his 2nd album, Delight, and the music video for 'Candy' is everything! Test how well you payed attention watching it with our fun quiz!

Here's an easy one: one jacket is blue, but what color is Baekhyun's other jacket?

Source: Tumblr
1. Red
2. Black
3. White
4. Green

What is written on the garage door?

Source: Tumblr
1. B-506
2. B-525
3. B-408
4. B-710

How many backup dancers are in the video?

Source: Tumblr
1. 10
2. 4
3. 8
4. 6

What drink does Baekhyun take at the start of the video?

Source: Tumblr
1. Pepsi
2. Cola
3. Sprite
4. Water

Finish the lyric: “Got me feeling like pop rocks, strawberry, _______

Source: Tumblr
1. "So happy"
2. "Cotton candy"
3. "Bubblegum"
4. "Cherry"

What’s on the basketball one of the dancers is holding during the bridge?

Source: Tumblr
1. A star
2. Nothing
3. A heart
4. A smiley face

What album posters are on the wall during the first chorus?

Source: Tumblr
1. Obsession
2. Delight
3. City Lights
4. Tempo

What city is written all over Baekhyun's blue outfit.

1. New York City
2. London
3. Los Angelos
4. Paris

What Letters are on Baekhyun’s skateboard?

Source: Tumblr
1. B A E K
2. E X O L
3. W R L D
4. B B H 2

Lastly, how many times is the word ‘candy” clearly heard?

Source: Tumblr
1. 21
2. 15
3. 25
4. 30

All 10 questions completed!

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What Do You Remember From Baekhyun's 'Candy' Music Video?

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Delight is exactly its namesake. Baekhyun has delivered an album with an aesthetic that pleases the eye, and vocals that soothe the soul. He has repeatedly proven that he is the real deal, and we want to congratulate him on his success!

How did you do on our quiz? Have you listened to Delight yet? Let us know in the comments below or tag us @TheHoneyPop!

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