Your New Favorite Short Film, Pixar’s ‘Out’

Your New Favorite Short Film, Pixar’s ‘Out’

Just in time for Pride month, Pixar has released its first short film involving a gay lead! The new short film is apart of the new Sparkshorts, available on Disney+. Which you can see a preview for below, along with the teaser for Pixar’s ‘Out’.

In this short, we are following the story of Greg as he is getting ready to move to a new city, but also getting ready to come out to his parents. Throughout the film, Greg is trying his absolute hardest to hide his life from his parents, which became even harder when he traded bodies with his dog. But as it continues he realizes it took a lot more out of him to hide it. Also realizing he didn’t need to be as worried, because his mom already knew!

What We Loved

Our favorite part besides his heart to heart with his mom, is when he’s talking out loud and says how Manuel thinks it’s so easy to just say it. As some of us know, whether you are out or still in the closet. Have told yourself, just one friend, your family, or the world, the weight of saying “I am gay,” is so much more than people think it is. It’s who you are, so sometimes it’s a longer process for some people. But we think this, it will show kids(and maybe even adults) that it is okay being who you are.

A Story For Us All

What are your thoughts on Pixar’s ‘Out’? Does this give you hope for more representation on the Disney+ platform? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop.

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Featured Image Source: Disney+ YouTube Channel

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