‘Mind Games’ Are A Big No From Ann Marie

‘Mind Games’ Are A Big No From Ann Marie

‘Mind Games’ is the latest from the goddess known as Ann Marie. She hails from a neighborhood called Englewood on the south side of Chicago. A heavy hitter in the world of R&B we’re excited to see what ‘Mind Games’ has to offer.

‘Mind Games’

A sultry voice and no shy bone in her body, Ann Marie serenades us from a lonely place. Plain and simple we give too much to people who don’t even care. They want you around for their ego or because they can. ‘Mind Games’ aren’t fun and Ann Marie tells it straight. Her flow pops off with each line. We can tell this is one woman who is tired of the games and ready to let us know what’s up. Empowering and inspiring, we won’t stand for this anymore.

Speaking of standing up for themselves:

The fans are straight-up loving the latest hit. Dedicated fans who are really vibing with her song. It speaks to them, her true to life words spark a bit of passion from her audience.

So what do you think of ‘Mind Games’? What about that visualizer? Tell us any and all your thoughts down below in the comments or you can find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @TheHoneyPOP

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Learn More About Ann Marie:

Featured Image: courtesy of Raphael Simien

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