What We Know About Hulu’s New Show ‘Love, Victor’

What We Know About Hulu’s New Show ‘Love, Victor’

Hulu is the “little engine that could” when it comes to the streaming companies. To be honest, Hulu has some pretty amazing content but it always seems to get looked over. Well, not anymore! Hulu’s newest show Love, Victor is going to shake things up in the best way possible!

Love, Victor was originally meant to air on Disney+ but the series made the switch to Hulu to ensure that it could explore more mature themes…whatever that means!

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We’re so excited Hulu picked it up though and we sure as hell are ready to fall in love with this new show!

But we are going to need to know a bit more before we dedicate our entire summer to blogging about it.

Lucky for you, we’ve done a deep dive on all things Love, Victor so you don’t have to!

Love, Victor Is A Spin-off Of The Movie ‘Love, Simon’

This one might be kind of obvious given that their names are so similar. But yes, they are related! Love, Victor is set in Creekwood High School, the same high school Simon and his friends all attended. And it’s even written by the same writing duo that wrote Love, Simon!

What Is Hulu’s ‘Love Victor’ About?

Love, Victor centers on Victor (Michael Ciminio) who is a new student at Creekwood High School. Victor hopes going to a new school will give him a fresh start but he quickly learns that Creekwood is just like his former high school where boys are obsessed with girls and girls are obsessed with boys.

Victor attempts to discover who he really is and how to come to terms with what that means for his life in school and at home. Along the way he contacts Simon with the hope that he can offer Victor advice on how to navigate high school while struggling with his sexual orientation.

If our words aren’t enough to convince you check out the trailer:

Meet The Cast And Characters

Just like all teen shows, Love, Victor has an amazing cast that are certainly going to win over our hearts.

We’re predicting Michael Ciminio is going to be a breakout star since he’s going to be bringing Victor to life! Described as the new kid at Creekwood who is struggling with his sexual orientation, Victor is going to be the perfect main character for this series.

Just like Simon, Victor has an amazing family behind them even if he’s not aware of it yet. Let’s meet them:

Victor’s parent’s Isabel and Armando are both also struggling to adapt to their new city after moving their for Armando’s work. Ana Ortiz and James Martinez will be playing them.

Rounding out Victor’s family is his two younger siblings Pilar and Adrian. They will be played by Isabella Ferreira and Mateo Fernandez.

Now onto the teens:

Image Source: Love, Victor via GIPHY

Mia is one of Victor’s new friends he meets when at Creekwood. She is extremely smart and knows how to use her wit to make people laugh. She already reminds of us Abby from Love, Simon and we love it! Rachel Naomi Hilson will be playing Mia and we simply can’t wait to see her kill it. If you’re not a fan of her work you should be because she’s also responsible for bring Teen Beth to life in NBC’s This Is Us.

Lake is Victor’s best friend at Creekwood. Described as being “social-media obsessed” so we’re excited to see what that means! Bebe Wood (The New Normal) will be playing her.

Benji is one of Victor’s classmate who is described as being “confident and charming.” From the looks of the trailer, he’s also an aspiring musician and a possible love interest for Victor. George Sear will be playing him.

Felix is Victor’s awkward new neighbor. We’re pretty sure the two become friends from the looks of the trailer. Anthony Turpel is responsible for bringing him to life.

And finally we have Andrew, Creekwood’s popular and cocky jock who is probably the King of the school. Mason Gooding (Booksmart, Let it Snow) has been cast as Andrew.

Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill, Chicago P.D.) will also be featured in the series as Veronica, Mia’s father’s new girlfriend. Veronica will be a reoccurring character and we’re interested to see what the writers have in store for her and her nonprofit women’s organization.

Will Any Of The ‘Love, Simon’ Cast Appear?

Image Source: Love, Simon via GIPHY

We have some good news and some bad news here!

Nick Robinson will be reprising his role as Simon for Love, Victor, but he might not actually appear on screen. Instead, Robinson is lending his voice to the series and will serve as its narrator. TBH we’re okay will this if it means we get to listen to Robinson’s dreamy voice for an entire season.

In addition, Keiyan Lonsdale will be reprising his role as Abraham “Bram Greenfeld. He’s not a main cast member, though, he will make a guest appearance at some point in the series.

How Long Are The Episodes And The Season?

Hulu’s Love, Victor promises to occupy at least ten hours of our life when it drops. Yep, the season will feature 10 episodes and we can’t wait! With epsiode titles like “What Happens in Willacoochee” and “Who The Hell is B” we know the season is going to be a crazy ride!

When And Where Can We Watch Hulu’s ‘Love, Victor’?

Love, Victor will debut on Hulu on June 19th which is less than a month away! We’re even more excited because Hulu will have all ten episode up for us to binge on day one!

Image Source: Love, Victor via incomparablyme on Tumblr

I guess we better cancel our non-existent June 19th plans because we have a date with Victor and the rest of the Creekwood High gang. One thing we sure as hell are excited for is that carnival scene! After all, Love, Simon set our carnival expectations high and we know Love, Victor isn’t going to disappoint us.

Will you be watching Love, Victor when it drops on June 19th? Do you think it’s going to be just as good as Love, Simon was? Do you already have a favorite ship? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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