It’s True – Ellie Goulding’s New Album is ‘Brightest Blue’

It’s True – Ellie Goulding’s New Album is ‘Brightest Blue’

Anything can happen – and it did! Ellie Goulding just announced that her 4th studio album, entitled Brightest Blue, will be released on July 17th. It’s a double-sided album, meaning it has two parts: Side A, “Brightest Blue” and Side B, “EG.0”. We are so ready to dive into it – let’s discuss!

The Revealed Track List

The tracklist for Brightest Blue is as follows:

SIDE A – “Brightest Blue”
Start (ft. serpentwithfeet)
How Deep Is Too Deep
Love I’m Given
New Heights
Ode To Myself
Wine Drunk
Brightest Blue

SIDE B – “EG.0”
Worry About Me (feat. blackbear)
Slow Grenade (feat. Lauv)
Close To Me (with Diplo) (feat. Swae Lee)
Hate Me (with Juice WRLD)

Goulding says that Side A “reflects [her] vulnerability… it acknowledges a complex world where relationships still dictate our happiness and heartbreak and can still be the most painful thing in the world, no matter how enlightened you are.” We love an emotionally-insightful queen!

Meanwhile, Side B “encapsulates [her] confident, brave and fearless side and features all [her] recent collaborations.” Her closing track, ‘Hate Me’, features the late Juice WRLD, who tragically died last year at the age of 21. It was the low-key chill banger of last summer, and it’s a cool method to commemorate the rapper, by using the song as the album’s finale.

Her New Brightest Blue Single, ‘Power’

Ellie Goulding via YouTube

Her latest single is ‘Power’, complete with a full music video shot entirely during the lockdown. It snaps and surges as Ellie’s layered vocals dance over a beat that’s lovingly reminiscent of her Halcyon days. Over a cool bass line, an intermittent choir of Goulding’s echoing voice exclaims, “THE POWER!”. Her video, a documentation of private, sensual escapades, perfectly conveys the electric tone of the track – striking light against darkness.

If you’re looking for new music to listen to while you wait for the release date, check out our latest Sweet Releases playlist, or check out our Rap-Up playlist – the featured artists on this album might just land there!

Are you excited for Brightest Blue to drop on July 17? Which tracks are you most excited to hear? Leave your take in the comments below, or you can find us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter, @TheHoneyPOP!

Learn More About Ellie Goulding:

Featured Image By ISSTUDIO Photographer Louie Banks

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