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A Brief Run-Through Of Seventeen’s Hit The Road eps. 5-8

A Brief Run-Through Of Seventeen’s Hit The Road eps. 5-8

We have reached the halfway mark of Seventeen’s Hit The Road!

Episode 05: Even If We Face An Unknown Path

This weeks episodes open up with Mingyu. While in New York, him and Wonwoo go out to get pizza, and of course Mingyu buys some for the staff as well!. We are shown how he’s getting more into editing and filming, he actually started putting together the Snap Shoot video while in NY. He described the members as lovely and like family. Saying sometimes they don’t get along, but family is family, hoping they are by his side even when he’s old. He also wants to invite all Carats from around the world personally to see him perform, we can’t wait for the invite Mingyu!.

Episode 06: After Passing This Halfway Mark

Joshua talks about feeling pressured during interviews, so he wants to get better. Now he makes sure he is prepared beforehand. While in Chicago he was really excited to try the pizza. As we all know, he makes different expressions when he eats/drinks something really yummy and well, he couldn’t stop making them here lol. Much like Mingyu, he talks about SVT being a blessing, that made his dreams come true and made his mom proud of him. During rehearsals even if he is feeling unwell he tries resting, but really he is still going hard. One thing he wants to do is talk with Carats more, we can’t wait to talk to you Josh.

Episode 07: The Road We Walk Together

Seungkwan admits he is a bit of a troublemaker, Josh and Jeonghan tell him maybe fights will stop if he changes his tone lol. As we know he is one to always check up on the others to make sure they are okay, which we see in this ep. Always has to have Iced Americano and his supplements. He says going for walks or watching nature helps refresh him a bit. He was waiting for the members to have a b-day celebration during the concert, but instead they wanted to surprise him, so they kept the mini birthday surprise under tight raps. Don’t worry, no one can forget you Seungkwan.

Episode 08: Catch Your Breath For A Moment, And…

In this episode Dino talks a lot about being sick and feeling a bit dissapointed in himself. He said not being able to concentrate during a concert and not being able to hide his sickness from Carats is what dissapoints him. He was still sick from the day before, he was actually getting sicker, so he couldn’t do rehearsals. But he knows he should be taking care of himself/his body. Though he was feeling sick, the Carats were so loud that it kept him going. He could feel their passion. Started taking acting lessons to perform better. Also started changing up a bit of choreography to keep him going. We hope we can always give you the passion to keep going Dino.

Some Of Our Fav Tweets

What we have seen so far is how relatable SVT are. They go through the same hardships that we do and still get back up, they are good people to look up to. We can’t wait for the following episodes premiering Wednesday & Friday KST(Correction from last weeks post)

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