His Name Is George Floyd And He Couldn’t Breathe

His Name Is George Floyd And He Couldn’t Breathe

His name is George Floyd and he could not breathe. How many times are we going to let people in positions of power harm those they should be protecting? This is the fearful reality for black communities all over the world and it is time for us, collectively to actively step up for change and advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Embedded in our history is the oppression of minority groups, and although over the years human behavior has evolved, our attitudes to racism and discrimination have barely moved forward. On Monday afternoon, George Floyd repeatedly said that he could not breathe, the same words used by Eric Garner, another victim of police brutality. This is a cycle, and if we don’t speak up in solidarity for those who have mercilessly had their lives taken, it will be never ending.

What You Can Do

As a society in crisis, we must demand change. We urge you to use your voice to bring awareness to a community in constant suffering. We urge you to speak for those who no longer can. In this time of turmoil, we must band together in strength for those in need. It is the least we can do.

Silence is deafeningly loud, and in situations of injustice can often be interpreted as choosing the side of the oppressor. We must actively work together in harmony and demand change for reform. Nobody should have to be scared to be who they are. Nobody should have to fear an establishment that is meant to bring justice.

For George Floyd, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Breona Taylor, Trayvon Martin, Philando Castile. For the many names on a long list that have suffered and demand justice, speak out and stop the silence.

His name was George Floyd, and he could not breathe. Say his name.

To learn more about the Black Lives Matter Movement:

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